David Marcus, ed., & intro., Irish Short Stories (London: Bodley Head 1980), and Do., 2 vols. [New English Library] (London; Dent 1982), and Do., , as 1 vol. (London: Dent 1986); another edn. (London: Sceptre [Hodder & Stoughton] 1992), 788pp., with biog. notices.

CONTENTS: George Moore, ‘Letter from Rome’; Somerville and Ross, ‘Trinket’s Colt’; Lynn Doyle, ‘St Patrick’s day in the Morning’; Daniel Corkery, ‘Joy’; James Stephens, ‘Desire’; Liam O’Flaherty, [?]; Elizabeth Bowen, ‘A Day in the Dark’; Sean O’Faolain, ‘The Kitchen’; Frank O’Connor, ‘The Babes in the Wood’; Patrick Boyle, ‘At Night all Cats are Grey’; Michael McLaverty, ‘The White Mare’; Bryan MacMahon, ‘The Ring’; Anthony C. West, ‘Not Isaac’; Mary Lavin, ‘Happiness’; Benedict Kiely, ‘The Dogs in the Great Glen’; James Plunkett, ‘Ferris Moore and the Earwig’; Val Mulkerns, ‘You Must be Joking’; William Trevor, ‘Teresa’s Wedding’; Brian Friel, ‘Foundry House’; John Montague, ‘An Occasion of sin’; ‘Maev[e] Kelly, ‘Lovers’; Edna O’Brien, ‘Love-Child’; Julia O’Faolain, ‘The Knight’; Tom MacIntyre, ‘The Dogs of Fionn’; John McGahern, ‘The Wine Breath’; Gillman Noonan, ‘A Sexual Relationship’; Maura Treacy, ‘A Minor Incident’; Kate Cruise O’Brien, ‘The Glass Wall’; Desmond Hogan, ‘Two Women Waiting’; Neil Jordan, ‘Night in Tunisia’. Biographical Notes.

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