Sophia Hillan King & Sean MacMahon, eds., Hope and History: Eyewitness Accounts of life in Twentieth-Century Ulster (Belfast: Friar’s Bush Press 1996) [ded. To memory of Sam Hanna Bell], 266pp.

CONTENTS (by decades):

1900-1910. Denis Ireland, ‘A Skating Party in Edwardian Belfast’ [2-4]; Harold Nicolson, ‘Clandeboye Remembered’ [4-6]; Robert McElborough, ‘A Tram Conductor in 1907’ [6-9]; Florence Mary McDowell, ‘William Conor in Ballyclare 9-10; Michael MacGowan, ‘Saints and Scholars’ [10-2]; W. Haughton Crowe, ‘Only a Matter of Time’ [12-4]; John Maguire, ‘The Ballad Singers at Clones’ [14-6]; Florence MaryWilson, ‘A Memoir of Alice Milligan’ [16-8].

1911-1920. William McQuitty, ‘Richard Hayward, ‘David Hammond, ‘The Titanic’ [20-3]; Alice Stopford Green, ‘A Castle at Ardglass’ [23-5]; Edward Ward, ‘The Kindliest of Men’ [26-8]; Mary Entrican, ‘From a NurseryWindow 29-30]; E. M. Forster, ‘E. M. ForsterVisits Belfast 31-2]; E. D. Atkinson, ‘The Covenant 32-5]; John S. Carrothers, ‘Letters from a Young Lieutenant’ [35-8]; Thomas O’Reilly, ‘A BoomingTown’ [38-40]; John Barkley, ‘In My Father’s House’ [40-2].

1921-1930. Jack Sayers, ‘To See the King and Queen’ [44-5]; Patrick Shea, ‘The Birth of the New Government’ [46-9]; C. E. Duffin, ‘Letters from Belfast’ [49-50]; Anon., ‘Belfast News-Letter Detestable Crime in Belfast’ [50-2]; Mabel Annesley, ‘The Rooks Rose into the Glowing Sky’ [52-5]; Tyrone Guthriem, ‘A Salutary Shock’ [55-9]; Forrest Reid, ‘Perfect Weather’ [59-60].

1931-40. Ronnie Munck and Bill Rolston, ‘Depression’ [62-5]; Benedict Kiely, ‘Meditations on a Metal Bridge’ [65-8]; W. K. Parke, ‘Their Needs Were Simple’ [68-70]; JimmyWebb, ‘The Glen Road’ [70-3]; Iris Brennan, ‘NobodyWould Do It Now’ [73-6]; W. E. Marshall, ‘The Speech of Ulster’ [76-8]; Robert G. Crawford, ‘We Were British’ [79-81]; Bert Slader, ‘Evacuation’ [81-3].

1941-50. James Doherty, ‘After the Blitz’ [86-8]; Emma Duffin, ‘Moya Woodhouse, ‘Evacuees’ [89-91]; Michael McLaverty, ‘AWriter’s Journal, ‘1941’ [91-3]; Anon/PRONI, ‘Letter from a Soldier’ [93-4]; Paddy Devlin, ‘Internment. Crumlin Road,1942’ [94-7]; T. G. E. Paterson, ‘Harvest Home’ [97-100]; Roy McFadden, ‘AWell-Built Mind’ [100-2]; John Boyd, ‘In the BBC’ [102-6]; Philip Larkin, ‘Pretty Keen and Sombre’ [106-7].

1951 -60. E. Estyn Evans, ‘Wrack Harvest’ [110-1]; George Cathcart, ‘Tripping the Light Fantastic’ [112-3]; Paddy Tunney, ‘I Would I Were in Monaghan’ [113-5]; James Blair, ‘The Princess Victoria’ [115-8]; Sam Hanna Bell, ‘A Country Funeral’ [118-9]; Sheila Hamilton into Business’ [120-2]; Betty Lowry, ‘To the Theatre’ [122-5]; Basil Gilroy, ‘Nature Diary of an Ulster Schoolboy’ [125-8]; Louis MacNeice, ‘Out of the Deadpan’ [129-131].

1961-70. Kate O’Brien, ‘A Folded-over Piece of Time’ [134-6]; Jack Holland, ‘A NewTeacher’ [137-9]; Seamus Heaney, ‘The Group’ [139-41]; Maurice Hayes, ‘Before the Deluge’ [141-3]; Ken Bloomfield, ‘Stormont in Crisis’ [143-5]; Eilis McDermott, ‘Law and Disorder’ [145-8]; Terence O’Neill, ‘Before Resignation’ [148-150]; Billy McFetridge, ‘An Apprentice Boy, ‘1969’ [150-2]; James Callaghan, ‘The Cry of the Poor’ [152-4]; John Hume, ‘The Heart of the Problem’ [155-8].

1971 -80. Brian Faulkner, ‘Internment’ [160-2]; Gerry Adams, ‘Remembering a Hedgehog’ [162-4]; Mary O’Malley, ‘The Lyric Theatre’ [164-7]; Eamonn McCann, ‘Jackie Duddy. 30 January 1972’ [167-170]; Frank Pantridge, ‘Neither the Inevitable nor the Predictable’ [170-1]; Belfast Telegraph, ‘Irish News Golden Girl’ [171-3]; Ben Forde, ‘The Houses Shook and Groaned’ [173-6]; Robert Fisk, ‘The Ulster Workers’ Strike’ [176-8]; Alf McCreary, ‘A Hard, ‘Sad Day’ [179-181]; Geoffrey Beattie, ‘Conversation with a Taxi Driver’ [181-2]; Max Arthur, ‘Warrenpoint’ [182-4].

1981-90. Bobby Sands, ‘One Day in My Life’ [186-7]; Nell McCafferty, ‘A City of Wise Women Hidden from History’ [187-9]; Barry McGuigan, ‘The Patience of the People’ [190-1]; Brian Keenan, ‘The Crown Bar,1985’ [191-2]; GordonWilson, ‘Explosion’ [192-5]; Observer Magazine, ‘Survivors’ [195-9]; Ray Davey, ‘A Door in theWall’ [199-200]; Michael Longley, ‘The Cultural Traditions Group’ [200-3]; Independent on Sunday, ‘A Teenage Joyrider’ [203-6].

1991-1994. Joyce McCartan, ‘If It Were Otherwise’ [208-9]; Medbh McGuckian, ‘Home’ [210-1]; The Irish Times, ‘Trick or Treat’ [212-4]; Robert Bell, ‘Respect for Diversity’ [214-6]; Irish News, ‘God Let This Be the Last’ [217-9]; Seamus Heaney, ‘Light’ [219-21]; Timothy Kinahan, ‘Postscript’ [222].

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