Benedict Kiely, ed., The Penguin Book of Irish Short Stories (Harmondsworth: Penguin 1981), 544pp.

CONTENTS: Introduction; Acknowledgements; contains works by Lady Gregory (from An Fianaiocht), ‘‘The Daughter of King Under-Wave’ [15]; Traditional, ‘The Cards of the Gambler’ (translated by the Editor) [22], ‘William Carleton, ‘Wildgoose Lodge’ [28]; Stephen Gwynn, ‘St Brigid’s Flood’ [48] Somerville and Ross, ‘Lisheen Races’, ‘Second-Hand’ [68]; George Moore, ‘Home Sickness’ [84]; Daniel Corkery, ‘The Ploughing of Leaca-Na-Naomh’ [97]; James Joyce, ‘Grace’ [108]; Liam O’Flaherty, ‘The Tent’ [130]; Liam O’Flaherty, ‘The Conger Eel’ [139]; Sean O’Faolain, ‘Lovers of the Lake’ [143]; Frank O’Connor, ‘The Luceys’ [172]; Elizabeth Bowen, ‘The Cat Jumps’ [190]; Mary Lavin, ‘A Memory’ [201]; Michael McLaverty, ‘The Game Cock’ [248]; Seamus de Faoite, ‘The American Apples’ [258]; Julia O’Faolain, ‘First Conjugation’ [275]; Patrick Kavanagh, ‘Fairyland’ [287]; Mervyn Wall, ‘They Also Serve ...’ [291]; William Trevor, ‘A Meeting in Middle Age’ [299]; Terence de Vere White, ‘ Desert Island’ [316]; Patrick Boyle, ‘Meles Vulgaris’ [329]; Bryan MacMahon, ‘Ballintierna in the Morning’ [348]; Aidan Higgins, ‘Lebensraum’ [357]; Michael J. Murphy, ‘Return of the Boy’ [371]; James Plunkett, ‘The Eagles and the Trumpets’ [386]; Brian Friel, ‘Mr Sing My Heart’s Delight’ [411]; John McGahern, ‘Gold Watch’ [423]; Val Mulkerns, ‘A Cut Above the Rest’ [440]; John Montague, ‘That Dark Accomplice’ [454]; John Jordan, ‘Let the Old Cry’ [465]; Tom MacIntyre, ‘The Bracelet’ [471]; Edna O’Brien, ‘The Creature’ [475]; Ita Daly, ‘Such Good Friends’ [482]; Neil Jordan, ‘Sand’ [494]; Eithne Strong, ‘Red Jelly’ [499]; Bernard McLaverty; ‘Secrets’ [515]; Gillman Noonan, ‘Dear Parents, ‘I’m Working For the EEC!’ [524]; Biographical Notes’ [537].

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