Brendan Kennelly, [ed. &] intro., Landmarks Of Irish Drama (London: Methuen 1988)

CONTENTS: Shaw, John Bull’s Other Island; Synge, Playboy; W B Yeats, On Baile’s Strand; O’Casey, The Silver Tassie; Denis Johnston, The Old Lady Says “No!”; Beckett, All That Fall; Behan, The Quare Fellow [appendix includes 1 page of Gaelic version]; Introduction, vii-xliv.

Bibl. cites Lady Gregory, Our Irish Theatre (1973 ed.); O’Casey, Autobiography, espec. Inisfallen (1940); Nicky Grene, Shaw: A Critical View (Macmillan 1984); Peter Ure, Yeats the Playwright (Routledge 1963); Nicky Grene, Synge: A Critical Study of the Plays (Lon:1975); James Simmons, Sean O’Casey (London 1983); Joseph Ronsley, [ed.,] Denis Johnston: A Retrospective (Colin Smythe 1981).

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