A. N. Jeffares & Anthony Kamm,, eds., An Irish Childhood: An Anthology (London: Collins 1987), 384pp.

CONTENTS incl. passages from Lady Gregory,Boy Deeds of Cuchulain’; S. J. O’Grady. ‘The Childhood of Finn’; Lughaidh O’Clery, ‘The Escape of Hugh Roe O’Donnell’, from Life of Hugh Roe O’Donnell [trans. D Murphy]; Jonathan Swift, ‘Childhood Disappointments’; George Berkeley, ‘Memorandum’; John Banim, ‘Kilkenny College’, from The Fetches; Sir Richard Steele, ‘On Recollections of Childhood’; ‘Charles Macklin - Schooling of an Actor’, from Kirkman’s Life; Laetitia Pilkington, ‘A Forward Miss’; Lawrence Sterne, ‘The Mill-Race’; Oliver Goldsmith, ‘The Schoolmaster’; Mrs George Ann Bellamy, ‘The Faithful Nurse#; William Hickey, ‘Water and Other Sports’; R. B. Sheridan, ‘Letter to his Uncle’; Sir Jonah Barrington, ‘The Great House’; Mary Leadbeater, ‘The Child-Minders’; Theo. Wolfe Tone, ‘Call of the Cockade’; [Arthur Wellesley,] ‘The Birth of the Duke of Wellington’; Thomas Moore, ‘The Minstrel Boy’; Maria Edgeworth, ‘Master Harrington’s Obsession’; Adelaide O’Keeffe, ‘The Kite’; Sir Aubrey de Vere, ‘Christmas Holidays’; William Carleton, ‘The Hedge School’; Anna Maria Hall, ‘The Spelling Lesson’; Edward Walsh, ‘The Fairy Nurse’; Daniel Griffin, ‘Playing with Fire Arms’; [Charles Lever,] ‘Charles Lever at the Front’; George Henry Moore, ‘Letter to his Mother’; W. R. Le Fanu, ‘Practical Joke’; Charles Gavan Duffy, ‘Schooling for a Patriot’, from Two Hemispheres; William Allingham, ‘Church Diversions’; other authors from whom extracts are quoted are: Cecil Frances Alexander; J. B. Yeats; Viscount Wolseley; Thomas Barnardo; John Howard Parnell, Lady Gregory; Frank Harris; G. B. Shaw; George Tyrrell; Katherine Tynan; W. B. Yeats; Martin Ross; Somerville and Ross; J. Mm Synge; Edward Stephens; AE (George Russell); Peig Sayers; Forrest Reid; Gogarty; Lord Dunsany; Sir William Orpen [‘Life class’]; James Joyce; James Stephens; Glimpses of Patrick Pearse; Eamon de Valera [‘Boyhood of a president]; C. P. Curran; Micheál MacLiammoir; Austin Clarke; Sean O’Casey; Liam O’Flaherty [‘The New Suit’]; Joyce Cary; Patricia Lynch; Kate O’Brien; C. S. Lewis; T. R. Henn; L. A. G. Strong; Elizabeth Bowen; Sean O’Faolain; Michael Farrell; Frank O’Connor; Maurice OSullivan; Cyril Connolly; Molly Keane; C. Day Lewis; Val Irelmonger; Sam. Beckett; MacNeice; Patrick Kavanagh; Patrick O’Sheas Flann O’Brien; Patrick Campbell; Brigid Boland; M. Jesse Hoare; Anne Gregory; Brian Boydell; E. D. Doyle; Fergus Allen; Derry Jeffares; Iris Kellett; J. P. Donleavy [Beastly Beatitudes]; Brendan Behan; Adele Crowder; Richard Murphy; Thomas Kinsella; Peter Connolly; John Montague; William Trevor; Seán Lucy; Christy Brown; Edna O’Brien; Brendan Kennelly; Liam Weldon; Seamus Heaney; Kate Cruise OBrien; Bob Geldof; Caragh Devlin.

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