Devin A. Garrity, ed., 44 Irish Short Stories: An Anthology of Irish Short Fiction from Yeats to Frank O’Connor (Connecticut: Devin-Adiar Co. [1954]), 500pp.

CONTENTS: Paul Vincent Carroll, ‘She Went by Gently’ [9]; Desmond Clarke, ‘The Islandman ‘ [9]; John Collier, ‘The Lady on the Grey’ [22]; Daniel Corkery, ‘The Awakening’ [32]; Daniel Corkery, ‘The Return’ [47]; Eric Cross, ‘Saint Bakeoven’ [58]; Lord Dunsany, ‘The Kith of the Elf-folk’ [70]; St. John Ervine, ‘The Burial’ [86]; Padraic Fallon, ‘Something in a Boat ‘ [9]; Arnold Hill, ‘Miss Gillespie and the Micks’ [110]; David Hogan, ‘The Leaping Trout’ [118]; James Joyce, ‘Araby’ [126]; James Joyce, ‘Counterparts’ [33]; Patrick Kavanagh, ‘Footbal;’ [46]; Mary Lavin, ‘The Story of the Widow’s Son’ [152]; Donagh MacDonagh, ‘”All the Sweet Buttermilk . . .”’ [166]; Donagh MacDonagh, ‘Duet for Organ and Strings’ [176]; Michael MacGrian, ‘Myself and a Rabbit’ [184]; Michael McLaverty, ‘The Wild Duck’s Nest’ [189]; Michael McLaverty, ‘Father Christmas’ [194]; ‘Bryan MacMahon, ‘The Plain People of England’ [206]; Bryan MacMahon, ‘The Cat and the Cornfield’ [218] George Moore, ‘Julia Cahill’s Curse ‘ [227]; Val Mulkerns, ‘The World Outside’ [234]; Padraic Ó Conaire, ‘The Devil and O’Flaherty’ [244]; Frank O’Connor, The Drunkard ‘ [249]; Frank O’Connor, ‘The Majesty of the Law’ [261]; Sean O’Faolain, ‘Teresa ‘ [271]; Sean O’Faolain, ‘Persecution Mania’ [291]; Liam O’Flaherty, ‘The Hawk’ [298]; Liam O’Flaherty, ‘The Tent’ [304]; Seumas O’Kelly, ‘Michael and Mary’ [314]; Seumas O’Kelly, ‘Nan Hogan’s House’ [320]; Brian O’Nolan, ‘The Martyr’s Crown’ [359]; Jim Phelan, ‘Bell Wethers’ [365]; James Plunkett, ‘Weep for Our Pride’ [378]; George Bernard Shaw, ‘The Miraculous Revenge’ [392]; Edward Sheehy, ‘The Black Mare’ [416]; James Stephens, ‘Schoolfellows’ [431]; James Stephens, ‘A Rhinoceros, Some Ladies and a Horse’ [439]; Maurice Walsh, ‘Come Back, My Love’ [451]; Oscar Wilde, ‘The Happy Prince’ [471]; William Butler Yeats, ‘Red Hanrahan’ [482]; William Butler Yeats, ‘Where There Is Nothing, There Is God’ [492]; Notes on the Authors [497].

[latest copyright date assigned to any story 1953; still marketing 1993].

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