Grattan Freyer, Modern Irish Writing (Irish Humanities Centre 1979), 309pp.

CONTENTS: Foreword; Preface by Conor Cruise O’Brien [x-xvi]; poems in translation from S. E. Ó Cearbhaill [‘That Moment’], Sean Ó Riordain [‘Frozen Sea’]; Maire Mac an tSaoi [‘No Compromise’]; Liam O’Flaherty, ‘The Black Mare’, story; Peadar O’Donnell, extract from The Knife; Sean Ó Faolain, ‘Lovers of the Lake’; Donagh MacDonagh, poems [‘The Day Set for Our Wedding’; ‘Going to Mass Last Sunday’; ‘Dublin Made Me’; ‘A Warning to Conquerors’]; Patrick Kavanagh, poetry [‘Ploughman’; ‘Canal Bank Walk’; The Great Hunger’ complete; ‘In Memory of My Mother]; Austin Clarke, poems [‘The Envy of Poor Povers’ ‘The Straying Student’; ‘The Medical Missionaries of Mary’; ‘The Thorn’; ‘Martha Blake’]; Brendan Behan, The Big House, one-act radio play; Tom Murphy, On the Outside [one act play, outside dancehall]; Flann O’Brien, from the opening of At Swim-to-Birds; Benedict Kiely, ‘A Great God’s Angel Standing’, story; M. J. Molloy, The Paddy Pedlar, one-act play; Edna O’Brien, ext. from Girl with Green Eyes; John McGahern, ‘Korea’, story; Padraic Fiacc, poem [‘Christ Goodbye’]; John Hewitt, poems [‘The Dilemma’ (1969); ‘An Irishman in Coventry’]; John Montague [‘Premonition’; ‘Coming Events’; ‘The Wild Dog Rose’; ‘Soliloquy on a Southern Strand’; ‘Windharp’; ‘She Dreams’]; Richard Murphy, poems [‘The Wolfhound; ‘the Reading Lesson’; ‘Enigma’; ‘For Sylvia Plath’]; Thomas Kinsella, poems [‘A Lady of Quality; ‘In the Ringwood’; ‘Prologue’; ‘First Light’; ‘A Moment’s Peace; Butcher’s Dozen; ‘Finistère’]; John Morrow, extract from The Confessions of Prionsias O’Toole; Seamus Heaney [‘Good Night’; ‘The Outlaw’; ‘The Wife’s Tale’; The Tollund Man’]; Eavan Boland, poems [‘New Territory’; ‘The Other Woman’; ‘The Hanging Judge’; ‘Child of Our Time’; ‘The War Horse’]; Juanita Casey, poem [‘Housemaid’s Unconnected Knee’]; Francis Stuart, extr. from Things to Live For, and poem [‘Homecoming’].

Suggestions for Further Reading [cites works, collections, and Maurice Harmon Select Biliography for Anglo-Irish Lit. (1977). For Preface, See Under O’Brien.

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