Andrew Carpenter & Peter Fallon, eds., The Writers: Sense of Ireland (Dublin: O’Brien Press, 1980)

[Sub-title:] New work by 44 Irish writers selected and edited by Andrew Carpenter and Peter Fallon, with photographs of the writers by Mike Bunn.

CONTENTS, Introduction [8]; John Banville, from Kepler a novel [10]; Samuel Beckett, ‘Heard in the Dark’, an extract from Company a novel [16]; Eavan Boland, ‘the Ballad of Beauty and Time’ [20]; Eilean Ni Chuilleanain, Four Poems from The Rose Geranium [24]; ‘Seamus Deane, ‘Christmas at Beaconsfield’, excerpt from a long poem [28]; Paul Durcan, ‘The Drimoleague Blues’ [32]; Peter Fallon, Two Poems, ‘Catholics’, and ‘Confederates’ [34]; Brian Friel, extracts from a Sporadic Diary, most do to with the writing of the play which eventually became Aristocrats [38]; Michael Hartnett, Three poems [with footnote trans.], ‘Fé Dhéinn na dTig Nua’; ‘An Droichead go Meiricéa’; ‘An Chúifhionn’ [44]; Seamus Heaney, Three poems, ‘A Peacock’s Feather’, for Daisy Garnett; ‘Sweeney Astray’, for John Montague; ‘A Lighting Plot’, for Brian Friel [50]; John Hewitt, ‘Five Poems, ‘The Irish Dimenson’; ‘The Prisoners on the Roof’; ‘A Case of Mistaken Identity’; ‘The Magician’, from ‘The Troubles, 1922’; ‘Consequences’, sequence from ‘My Uncle’ [56]; Aidan Higgins, ‘Retrograde Canon at Atepmoc’. from Dog-Days, a novel [60]; Denis Johnston, ‘The Abbey in Those Days’, a memoir [66]; Jennifer Johnston, ‘Extract from a Novel’ [72]; Neil Jordan, ‘She’, an unfinished story [78]; Brendan Kennelly, Three poems, ‘Always’; ‘The Pilgrim’; ‘Goddess’ [82]; Benedict Kiely, ‘Homeward Bound’, part of the opening of a novel to be called, perhaps, Nothing Happens in Carmincross [86]; Thomas Kilroy, from ‘Her Whiteness Attracts a Blackness’, an extract from a novel [92]; Thomas Kinsella, four love poems, literal translations from the Irish (‘My own dark head ...’) [98]; Mary Lavin, from ‘A Walk on the Cliff’, a story [102]; Michael Longley, Four poems, ‘The white Butterfly’; ‘The Third Light’; ‘Ogham Stone’, i.m. Seán Ó Baoill; ‘Communications’ [108]; Thomas McCarthy, ‘Bachelard’s Images’ [112]; Tomas Mac Siomoin, Three poems, ‘Ceol na dTéad’; ‘Féileachán’; ‘Eadartheangachadh’ [114]; Aidan Mathews, Four poems, ‘Untitled’; ‘Talismans’; ‘Affidavit’; ‘Neighbours’ [118]; John Montague, Poems from Sect. III of The Dead Kingdom, ‘The Black Pig’; ‘Border’; ‘The Plain of Blood’ [122]; John Morrow, from Prologue ‘68, a novel [128]; Paul Muldoon, Three poems, ‘The Bishop’; ‘Promises, Promises’; ‘Bran’ [134]; Richard Murphy, Three poems, ‘Morning Call’; ‘Tony white at Inisbofin 1959’; ‘Husbandry’ [138]; Thomas Murphy, Prologue to The Blue Macushla, a play [142]; Seán Ó Faoláin, ‘What it feels like to be a Writer’, a talk for radio [148]; Liam O’Flaherty, ‘The Widow’, an unfinished story [154]; Desmond O’Grady, Three poems, ‘One of Them’, after Cavafy; ‘The People of Maikop Plain’; ‘Waiting for the Barbarian’, after Cavafy [158]; Liam O Muirthile, Three Poems, ‘Inné Inniu’; ‘Rince Gréagach’; ‘Feartlaoi François Villon’ [162]; Frank Ormsby, Three Poems, ‘The Sleepwalker’; from ‘A Belfast Journal (VII); ‘The Security Man’ [167]; Cathal Ó Searcaigh, For Poems, [breif and unnamed] [170]; Seán Ó Tuama, Three Poems (English versions of poems in Irish) ‘Where shall we walk?’; ‘The Poet to his Wife’, from a three act play Four Cheers for Cremation; ‘A Gaeltacht Rousseau’ [172]; Micheal Ó Siadhail, Three poems, ‘Breaclach’; Réavadh’; ‘sorcas’ [176]; Stewart Parker, Two scenes from Catchpenny Twist: A Charade [180]; Tom Paulin, ‘Desertmartin: A poem’ [186]; James Plunkett, ‘Ferris Moore’, from a novel in progress [188]; Peter Sheridan, from Down All the Days, an adaptation of the novel by Christy Brown [190]; James Simmons, ‘The Conservative’ [poem in 5 pts.]; [196]; Francis Stuart, from The High Consistory, a novel [202]; William Trevor, from ‘Autumn Sunshine’, a story [208]; Notes on the writers [213]. Note, pagination of photo-page preceeding each author’s text give above.

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