Dublin Magazine, The

(1923-25; 1926-58), a literary magazine edited by Seamus O’Sullivan [Starkey], in two series, first monthly and then quarterly; the first issue cover being designed by Harry Clarke; contributors included Austin Clarke, George Fitzmaurice, Padriac Fallon, Padraic Colum, Patrick Kavanagh, Samuel Beckett, Con Leventhal, and many others. An Index of Contributors has been prepared by Rudi Holzapfel (Dublin 1966). This publication was succeeded by another of the same name, formerly The Dubliner (1961-64), edited by Rivers Carew, Brownlow (1965-69). Contributors included Clarke and Colum, and also Monk Gibbon, Mary Lavin, Brendan Kennelly, Derek Mahon, John Montague, and Richard Murphy.

FDA3 248 [passing reference to review of Miss Irene Haugh, in Beckett’s ‘Recent Irish Poetry’]; 529n [founded by John Ryan]; 1431 [Patrick MacDonagh publishes poetry regularly in]; note also ‘Gnome’ printed in Dublin Magazine, July-Sept 1934 [FDA3, 248] See also Seamus Deane, gen. ed., Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing (Derry: Field Day Co. 1991), Vol. 2, [780], [1026].

NOTE issue for Spring 1966: The Dublin Mag., formerly The Dubliner, ed. Rivers Carew and Timothy Brownlow, ass. ed. Gerard O’Flaherty. Dublin Magazine, founded Seaumas O’Sullivan (James Starkey; ‘under his editorship it quickly became established as one of the world’s leading magazines of its kind’, continued till his death in 1958; deeply appreciative of the kindness of Mrs EF Starkey in agreeing that our magazine should take th name of its distinguished predecessor’ (Spring 1966) The same lines are used in a poem by Brownlow, ‘April 1966’, in pp.33-34: ‘Once Ireland gained her freedom, Davis wrote,/The arts would flourish; many a new throat/Would sing the legendary song/Which had been absent for so long./But tongues which Parnell gave a cause to wag/Till hatred bit each hand that fed/Proved Goethe’s wisdom when he said/The Irish always hunt a noble stag’ (p.34). Also by Brownlow, ‘Aghadoe’, 6 quatrain stanzas, p.66. End papers advertise a collection of 28 poems by Brownlow and Carew called Figures out of Mist (New Square Publ., [1966]) Contains articles commemorative of 1916 by Padraic Colum, Monk Gibbon, Brendan Kennelly, Eavan Boland, Denis Johnston, and poems by Seamus Heaney, Michael Longley, and Derek Mahon. FOR COPY of editorial and contents, see LIBRARY/JOUR.

CATL, Dublin Magazine, Aug. 1923-April 1958), nr. complete (400); Dublin/Dublin Magazine, Vol. 1-X, Nov. 1961-Summer 1974 [oddments], incl. contribs. from Eavan Boland, Austin Clarke, Colum, Frank O’Connor, et al. [Hyland, 219; 1995].

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