Bell, The



1940-1954; monthly literary and cultural journal founded by Seán O’Faoláinm ed. up to 1946; Peadar O’Donnell, business manager and later ed., 1946-54; Geoffrey Taylor first poetry ed. (with Louis MacNeice taking over, 1946-47); contribs. incl. Brendan Behan, Austin Clarke, Patrick Kavanagh, Flann O’Brien, Frank O’Connor, Liam O’Flaherty, and Mary Lavin; W. R. Rodgers, John Hewitt; Michael McLaverty, et al.; asst. eds. incl. Hubert Butler and Anthony Cronin; under its founding editor and afte, the journal opposed monlithic versions of Irishness and challenged illiberal temperament and measures in Ireland such as censorship legislation of 1929.

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Six monthly issues to each volume, volumes beginning in October and April.

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Seamus Deane, gen. ed., Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing (Derry 1991), Vol. 3, pp.91-92: only counterweight to the ideological monolith of independent Ireland; [extracts 101-07], Fnd-ed. Sean O’Faoláin, 1940-46, 127; Geoffrey Taylor (1900-1956), one-time literary editor of, 247n; Behan publishes documentary piece about imprisonment in [Anthony Cronin], 524; Cronin [assistant] editing The Bell, 529; with the publication of The Bell in Oct 1940, the sounding of the Celtic note became increasingly discordant, [Gibbons ed.], 562; cosmpolitan and international influence of [Gibbons, ed.] 566, [extracts from editorial, ‘The Gaelic Cult’, vol 9, no. 3, Dec. 1944, FDA3 569-73]; James Plunkett visited USSR through an invitation of The Bell, in 1955 [bio-note & QRY], 1133.

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There is a set of The Bell annotated by Peadar O'Donnell in the Letterkenny Public Library (information supplied by Kelly-Anne Matthews, PhD Diss. Research, UU 2007).