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Note: The individual titles available at each have been listed and linked as far as possible. The sources themselves have been placed on the page roughly in order of brevity, placing the longest - Readonline - last for user’s convenience only.
  The list is not inclusive of all such sites in existence - and notably omits Internet Archive and Google Books both of which can can be conveniently accessed with any internet browser.
  Please remember to check Swift titles in the RICORSO Library of “Irish Classics” since these are easier to access from this site than many others, and also because their editing style is in conformity with that employed on other parts of this website.
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Works by Swift on Our Civilisation website (ed. Philip Atkinson):
A Meditation Upon A Broom-Stick
A Modest Proposal
A Tale Of A Tub
Gulliver’s Travels: A Voyage to the Houyhnhms
Argument Against Abolishing Christianity
Directions To Servants
Resolutions: When I Come To Be Old
The Battle of the Books
The Examiner
The Journal To Stella
The Partridge-Bickerstaff Papers
Thoughts: On Various Subjects
Swift’s Correspondence Verse Pieces
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Representative Poetry Online - Toronto University
  1. Advice to the Grub Street Verse-writers
  2. The Beasts’ Confession
  3. A Description of the Morning
  4. The Lady’s Dressing Room
  5. On Stephen Duck, the Thresher and Favourite Poet
  6. A Satirical Elegy
  7. Stella’s Birthday March 13, 1719
  8. Stella’s Birthday March 13, 1727
  9. To Quilca, a Country House not in Good Repair
  10. Verses on the Death of Dr. Swift, D.S.P.D.
RPO - online; accessed 23.07.2011.

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CMU server / 18th Century Achive
Argument Against Abolishing Christianity (1711)
Gulliver’s Travels (1726)
A Modest Proposal (1729)
Verses on the Death of Swift, by himself (1731)

Electronic texts on the The 18th century Eserver have been compiled by Geoff Sauer of Iowa State University.

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Titles by Swift available at Readbooksonline website
Gulliver’s Travels

Accomplishment of the First of Mr. Bickerstaff’s Predictions, The
Battle of the Books, The
Bickerstaff-Partridge Papers, The
First He Wrote, The
Predictions for The Year 1708
Second Prayer, The
Tale of a Tub, A
Three Sermons, Three Prayer

Art of Political Lying, The
Hints towards an essay on conversation
Meditations Upon A Broomstick
Modest Proposal, A
Pulpit Eloquence ["The Tatler," No. 66]
Thoughts on various subjects

Advice To The Grub-Street Verse-Writers
Answer To A Friend’s Question, An
Answer To Lines From May Fair
Apollo Outwitted
Apollo To The Dean
Apollo’s Edict
Apollo; or, A Problem Solved
Apology To Lady Carteret, An
Author Upon Himself, The
Ay And No
Ballad on The Game of Traffic, A
Ballad To The Tune of The Cut-Purse, A
Ballad [Patrick Astore, What News Upon The Town?], A
Baucis and Philemon
Baucis And Philemon, on The Ever-Lamented Loss of The Two Yew-Trees
Baucis And Philemon, on The Ever-Lamented Loss of Two Yew-Trees (later version)
Beasts’ Confession, The
Beasts’ Confession To The Priest, The
Beautiful Young Nymph Going To Bed, A
Bettesworth’s Exultation
Birth of Manly Virtue, The
Bouts Rimez on Signora Domitilla
Cadenus and Vanessa
Carberiae Rupes In Comitatu Corgagensi
Carbery Rocks
Cassinus And Peter - A Tragical Elegy
Catullus De Lesbia
Character, Panegyric, And Description of The Legion Club, A
Clad All In Brown
Clever Tom Clinch Going To Be Hanged
Conference Between Sir Harry Pierce’s Chariot, And Mrs. D. Stopford’s Chair, A
Copy of The Birth-Day Verses
Corinna, A Ballad
Day of Judgment, The
Dean And Duke, The
Dean Smedley’s Petition To The Duke of Grafton
Dean’s Manner of Living, The
Death And Daphne, To An Agreeable Young Lady, But Extremely Lean
Dennis’ Invitation To Steele; Horace, Book I, Ep. V
Description of A City Shower, A
Description of A Salamander, The
Description of An Irish Feast, The
Description of The Morning, A
Desire And Possession
Dialogue Between An Eminent Lawyer And Dr. Jonathan Swift, A
Dialogue Between Mad Mullinix And Timothy, A
Dick’s Variety
Dick, A Maggot
Dingley And Brent
Directions For Making A Birth-Day Song
Discovery, The
Dog And Thief, The
Dr. Delany’s Villa
Dr. Swift To Himself on St. Cecilia’s Day
Dr. Swift To Mr. Pope, While He Was Writing The "Dunciad"
Echo, An
Elegy on The Death of Demar, The Usurer, An
Elephant; Or, The Parliament Man, The
Epigram Added By Stella
Epigram By Mr. Bowyer
Epigram By Mr. Bowyer Intended To Be Placed Under The Head of Gulliver
Epigram From The French
Epigram In Answer To The Dean’s Verses on His Own Deafness
Epigram Inscribed To The Honourable Sergeant Kite, An
Epigram on Josiah Hort Archbishop of Tuam
Epigram on The Busts In Richmond Hermitage
Epigram on Wood’s Brass Money
Epigram [As Thomas Was Cudgell’d one Day By His Wife]
Epigram [Behold! A Proof of Irish Sense]
Epigram [Friend Rundle Fell, With Grievous Bump]
Epigram [great Folks Are of A Finer Mould]
Epigram [The Scriptures Affirm], An
Epigrams Against Carthy
Epigrams on Windows
Epilogue To Mr. Hoppy’s Benefit-Night, At Smock-Alley
Epistle To His Excellency John, Lord Carteret, An
Epistle To Mr. Gay, An
Epistle Upon An Epistle, An
Epitaph Inscribed on A Marble Tablet, In Berkeley Church
Epitaph on Frederick, Duke of Schomberg
Epitaph on General Gorges, And Lady Meath
Epitaph [Beneath This Verdant Hillock Lies]
Epitaph [Here, Five Feet Deep, Lies on His Back], The
Epitaph [In Berkeley Church-Yard, Gloucestershire]
Excellent New Ballad Or, The True English Dean To Be Hanged For A Rape, An
Excellent New Song on A Seditious Pamphlet, An
Excellent New Song Upon His Grace Our Good Lord Archbishop of Dublin, An
Excellent New Song, Being The Intended Speech of A Famous Orator Against Peace, An
Fable of Midas, The
Fable of The Bitches, The
Fable of The Lion And Other Beasts, A
Fabula Canis Et Umbrae
Fagot, The
Famous Speech-Maker of England, The
Fan, A
Fontinella To Florinda
Friendly Apology For A Certain Justice of Peace, A
Furniture of A Woman’s Mind, The
Garden Plot, The
Gentle Echo on Woman, A
Grand Question Debated: Hamilton’s Bawn Be Turned Into A Barrack or Malt-House, The
Grub-Street Elegy, A
Gulf of All Human Possessions, The
Hardship Upon The Ladies, The
Helter Skelter
History of Vanbrugh’s House, The
Horace, Book I, Ode XIV, Paraphrased And Inscribed To Ireland
Horace, Book II, Ode I, Paraphrased Addressed To Richard Steele, Esq
Horace, Book IV, Ode IX, Addressed to Archbishop King
Horace, Book IV, Ode IX, Addressed to Humphry French
Horace, Epist. I, VII; Imitation of Horaceto Lord Oxford
Imitation of Part of The Sixth Satire of The Second Book of Horace
In Sickness
Invitation, By Dr. Delany, In The Name of Dr. Swift, An
Jack Frenchman’s Lamentation
Joan Cudgels Ned
Journal of A Modern Lady In A Letter To A Person of Quality, The
Lady’s Dressing-Room, The
Letter To Dr. Helsham, A
Libel, A
Lines Written on A Window In The Episcopal Palace At Kilmore
Logicians Refuted, The
Louisa To Strephon
Love Poem From A Physician To His Mistress, A
Love Song, A
Love Song In The Modern Taste, A
Maypole, A
Motto For Mr. Jason Hasard, A
Mr. William Crowe’s Address To Her Majesty, Turned Into Metre
Mrs. Frances Harris’s Petition, 1699
My Lady’s Lamentation And Complaint Against The Dean
New Song on Wood’s Halfpence, A
New Year’s Gift For Bec, A
News From Parnassus
Occasioned By Sir William Temple’s Late Illness And Recovery
Ode on Science
Ode To Doctor William Sancroft Late Lord Bishop of Canterbury
Ode To King William on His Successes In Ireland
Ode To The Athenian Society
Ode To The Hon. Sir William Temple
on a Candle
on a Cannon
on a Circle
on a Corkscrew
on A Curate’s Complaint of Hard Duty
on A Horn
on a Pair of Dice
on a Pen
on A Printer’s Being Sent To Newgate
on a Shadow in a Glass
on Burning A Dull Poem
on Censure
on Cutting Down The Thorn At Market-Hill
on Dr. Rundle, Bishop of Derry
on Dreams, An Imitation of Petronius - & see copy attached
on Gaulstown House
on Gold
on Ink
on Mr. Pulteney’s Being Put Out of The Council
on Mrs. Biddy Floyd; or, The Receipt To Form A Beauty
on Noisy Tom
on one of The Windows At Delville
on Paddy’s Character of The “Intelligencer&1#48;
on Poetry - A Rhapsody
on Psyche
on Reading Dr. Young’s Satire, Called The Universal Passion
on Rover, A Lady’s Spaniel: Instructions To A Painter
on Snow
on Stephen Duck, The Thresher, And Favourite Poet
on The Archbishop of Cashel, And Bettesworth
on The Arms of The Town of Waterford
on The Church’s Danger
on The Collar of Tiger, Mrs. Dingley’s Lap-Dog
on The Death of Dr. Swift
on the Five Senses
on The Gallows
on The Irish Bishops
on The Irish Club
on The Little House By The Churchyard of Castlenock
on the Moon
on The Posteriors
on The Union
on the Vowels
on The Words Brother Protestants And Fellow Christians
on Time
on Wood The Ironmonger
Panegyric on The Dean In The Person of A Lady In The North, A
Parody on A Character of Dean Smedley
Parody on The Speech of Dr. Benjamin Pratt
Parson’s Case, The
Pastoral Dialogue, A
Paulus: An Epigram
Peace And Dunkirk
Pethox The Great
Pheasant And The Lark - A Fable, The
Phyllis; Or, The Progress of Love
Place of The Damned, The
Poem on High Church, A
Poem, Occasioned By The Hangings In The Castle of Dublin, In Which The Story of, A
Poetical Epistle To Dr. Sheridan
Power of Time, The
Probatur Aliter
Problem, “That My Lord Berkeley Stinks When He Is In Love”, The
Progress of Beauty, The
Progress of Marriage, The
Progress of Poetry, The
Prologue, A
Prologue To A Play For The Benefit of The Distressed Weavers
Prometheus on Wood The Patentee’s Irish Halfpence
Punch’s Petition To The Ladies
Puppet Show, The
Puppet-Show, The
Quibbling Elegy on Judge Boat, A
Quiet Life And A Good Name To A Friend Who Married A Shrew, A
Rebus. By Vanessa, A
Riddle, A
Robin And Harry
Run Upon The Bankers, The
Satirical Elegy on The Death of A Late Famous General, A
Sent By Dr. Delany To Dr. Swift, To Be Admitted To Speak To Him When He Was Deaf
Serious Poem Upon Wood, Brazier, Tinker, Hard-Wareman, Coiner, Founder, Esquire, A
Sid Hamet’s Rod
Simile on Our Want of Silver, And The only Way To Remedy It, A
Song...Corporations of City of Dublin Against Wood’s Halfpence, An
South-Sea Project, The
Stella’s Birthday, 1718
Stella’s Birthday, 1720
Stella’s Birthday, 1722
Stella’s Birthday, 1724
Stella’s Birthday, March 13, 1726
Storm: Minerva’s Petition, The
Strephon And Chloe
Tale of A Nettle, A
Tim And The Fables
To A Friend Who Had Been Much Abused In Many Inveterate Libels
To A Lady
To Betty, The Grisette
To Charles Mordaunt, Earl of Peterborough
To Dr. Delany on The Libels Written Against Him
To His Grace The Archbishop of Dublin
To Janus, on New Year’s Day, 1726
To Lady Carteret
To Lord Harley, on His Marriage
To Love
To Mr. Congreve
To Mr. Delany, Oct. 10, 1718 Nine In The Morning
To Mrs. Houghton of Bourmont, on Praising Her Husband To Dr. Swift
To my mistress
To Stella Visiting Me in My Sickness
To Stella, Who Collected And Transcribed His Poems
To The Citizens
Toland’s Invitation To Dismal
Tom And Dick
Town Eclogue, A
Traulus. Part I, A Dialogue Between Tom And Robin
Traulus. Part II
Twelve Articles
Upon The Horrid Plot
Upstart, The
Vanbrugh’s House
Vanbrugh’s House (later version)
Verses Occasioned By Whitshed’s Motto on His Coach
Verses on Blenheim
Verses on I Know Not What
Verses on The Revival of The Order of The Bath
Verses on The Sudden Drying Up of St. Patrick’s Well
Verses on The Upright Judge, Who Condemned The Drapier’s Printer
Verses on Two Celebrated Modern Poets
Verses Sent To The Dean on His Birth-Day
Verses Sent To The Dean With An Eagle Quill
Verses Written on A Window, At The Deanery House, St. Patrick’s
Vindication of The Libel, A
Virtues of Sid Hamet the Magician’s Rod, The
Wicked Treasonable Libel, A
Will Wood’s Petition To The People of Ireland
Windsor Prophecy, The
Wood An Insect
Written By Dr. Swift on His Own Deafness
Written In A Lady’s Ivory Table-Book
Yahoo’s Overthrow, Or, The Kevan Bayl’s New Ballad, The
Young Lady’s Complaint For The Stay of The Dean In England, A
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