[Sir] Thomas Nicholas Redington


1815-1862; scion of a Catholic land-owning family in Co. Galway; ed. at Oscott College (Jesuit estab.) and Cambridge University; became an Irish civil servant in the Irish administration; Irish Under-Secretary for State, 1846, and, as such, involved in the prosecution of the leaders of the 1848 Rising; KCB, 1849; Thomas Burke, the Irish Under-Secretary assassinated by the Invincibles with Lord Cavendish in the Phoenix Park in 1882, was his son-in-law; the Irish painter Louis le Brocquy is his great-grandson on the maternal side. ODNB

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Joseph Murphy, The Redingtons of Clarinbridge: Leading Catholic Landlords in the 19th Century (1999), 366pp.

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A Proclamation for the arrest of the leaders at the time of the 1848 Rising:

[ Royal Crest - Lion & Unicorn; “Honi Soi .. &c.” ]
By the Lord Lieutenant General and General Governor of Ireland.
A Proclamation.


WHEREAS We have received Information that Thomas Francis Meagher, John B. Dillon, and Michael Donehy, have been guity of Treasonable Practices:

Now We, the Lord Lieutentant, being determined to bring the said Thomas Francis Meagher, John B. Dillon, and Michael Doheny to Justice, Do hereby offier a Reward of


to Any Person or Persons who shall secure and deliver up to safe custody the Person of any one of them, the said Thomas Francis Meagher, John B. Dillon, and Michael Doheny:

And We do hereby strictly change and command all Justices of the Peace, Mayors, Sheriffs, Bailiffs, Constables, and all other Her Majesty’s loyal Subjects, to use their utmost diligence in apprehending the said Thomas Francis Meagher, John B. Dillon, and Michael Doheny.

Given at Her Majesty’s Castle of Dublin, this 28th Day of July, 1848.

By His Excellency’s Command,

T. N. Redington.

Printed by GEORGE and JOHN GRIERSON, Printsers to the Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty

Source: The photographic original of is shown on the Michael Ruddy’s page at Genealogy Roots Web [online;
this image - accessed 08.07.2010.] There is a Fenian electronic list at Fenian-rootsweb @ email.

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