Anonymous author of My Little Farm [q.d.] by ‘Pat’, author of Economics for Irishmen, and the Sorrows of Ireland; ’an Irish farmer who is also an established man of letters, but it is not less valuable as a revelation of peasant life and character, necessarily more authentic than fiction, but not less intimate and not less readable … the unique feature of “Pat’s” writing alwas is his curious capacity to make actual life, and even abstruse though, as interesting as a story, and more vital than almost any story. That is what makes a book my him a national event, and probably his most finished piece of work so far is “My Little Farm”. the Modern Russian Library, seris of translations of the best Russian Writers, 1. With a Diploma, V I Nemirovitch-Dantchenko; The Bet and Other Stories, Anton Tchekov; The Blind Musician, Vladimir Korolenko; A Book of Stories, Alexander Kuprin. Irish Eclogues, by Edward E. Lysaght, quarter parchment; cites reviews viz., ‘man of education and a farmer; poetic sincerity to make use of his peculiar position’ (Irish Times); throughout a rural as well as an Irish flavour … cannot fail to please readers who cherish Celtic sympathies (The Scotsman).

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