O’Rourke (family name)


O’Rourkes listed in Dictionary of National Biography incl. Sir Brian na Murtha O’Rourke (d.1591), allowed to regain possession of Leitrim, 1578; rebelled, 1580; invaded Connaught, 1580; supported Spaniards, 1588; driven out by Sir Richard Bingham, 1589; fled to Scotland, and handed up by James IV; executed; identified with proud Irish rebel of Bacon’s essay, ‘Of Custom and Education’; Brian Oge, or Brian na Samthach O’Rourke (d.1604); natural son of former and successor as The O’Rourke, made war on English and O’Donnells alternately; Edmund O’Rourke [see Falconer]; Tiernan O’Rourke (d.1172), king of Breffny; warred on Meath and Connaught; expelled from chiefship, 1141; restored soon after; attacked O’Connor, 1148; invaded Ulida [Ulster]; his wife carried off by O’Connor and Diarmait Mac Murchada, 1152; reparation made, 1167; slain by Hugo de Lacy.