Brian O’Higgins

1882-1963; pseud. ‘Brian na Banba’ PI IF IF2

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Stephen Brown, Ireland in Fiction [Pt. I] (Dublin: Maunsel 1919), lists By the Hearth in Eirinn (1908); Glimpses of Glen-na-Mona (1918), and Fun o’ The Forge (1918).

Desmond Clarke, Ireland in Fiction: [Pt. II] (Cork: Royal Carbery 1985), adds Little Stories [1922], reprinted from the Messenger of the Sacred Heart. See also Colm MacLochlainn, Anglo-Irish Song-writers (1950). IF2 adds Little Stories (Dublin: Whelan [1922]), 18 stories rep. from Irish Messanger of the Sacred Heart, unaffectedly pious.

Belfast Public Library holds Fun o’ the Forge (1917); Laughter Lighted Memories (n.d.); Soldier’s Song of Easter Week (1926); Songs of Glen na Mona (1935); The Voice of Banba (1907, 1931).

Hyland Books (Oct. 1995) lists The Little Book of Christmas (n.d.), 35pp.; Easter 1916: The Story of the Rising (n.d.), format of Wolfe Tone Annuals; A Tonic in Type (c.940), ills.

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Who’s Who (1942) gives details as above but he is not cited in in Who Was Who for the corresponding period. The lapse of his name between 1942-1946 arguable implies his decease, but O’Lochlainn refers to him as having ‘recently published’ an autobiography in the Wolfe Tone Annual for 1949-50.

Death-date [as supra] supplied by Patrick Maume with information on obituaries mentioning also that the Irish Press was less generous than the Irish Independent perhaps because O’Higgins liked to refer to Eamon de Valera as His Majesty’s Prime Minister.

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