Dominic Ó Dálaigh

1596-1662 [var. Daniel Daly]; b. Kerry, cousin to Diarmuid Mac Taidhg; instead of following bardic profession he entered Dominican Order in Galicia as Dominic de Rosario; ed. Bordeaux, returned briefly to Kerry, and went on to Univ. of Louvain as professor; mission for his Order to Philip IV in Madrid; established Irish College of Dominicans in Lisbon, rector 1634; founded Irish convent of nuns there in 1639; advisor to Queen of Portugal in 1640; recruited Irish troops at Limerick for the war in Netherlands; mission to Charles I for King of Portugal, urging the form to admit civil and religious liberties to Irish Catholics, and did not visit Ireland for Charles as requested on not receiving such assurances; Portuguese envoy to Louis XIV, negotiating with English royalists on employment of Irish troops with support of Prince Charles; Bishop elect of Coimbra, president of privy council of Portugal; d. Lisbon; works incl. Initium, incrementa, et exitus gamiliae Geraldinorum Desmoniae Cornitum (Lisbon 1655), trans. into French by Abbé Joubert (Dunkirk 1697), and into English by Rev. C. P. Meehan as The Geraldines, Earls of Desmond (Dublin 1847, new ed. 1878). ODNB DIW

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