Patricia O’Connor

1908- ; b. Donegal; ed. Collegiate School, Celbridge, Co. Kildare, and Dunfermline High School; author of Highly Efficient (1942), The Farmer Wants a Wife (1955); Who Saw Her Die (1957); The Sparrows Fall (1959); Select Vestry, and Voice Out of the Pama. IF2

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Sam Hanna Bell, ‘Theatre’, in Michael Longley, ed., Causeway: The Arts in Ulster (1971), 83-94; espec. p.87.

See also Mark Phelan, ‘Beyond the Pale: Neglected Northern Irish Women Playwrights - Alice Milligan, Helen Waddell and Patricia O’Connor’, in Women in Irish Drama: A Century of Authorship and Representation, ed. Melissa Sihra (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan 2007), q.pp.

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Desmond Clarke, Ireland in Fiction: A Guide to Irish Novels, Tales, Romances and Folklore [Pt. 2] (Cork: Royal Carbery 1985), lists The Mill in the North (Dublin: Talbot Press 1938), 230pp.; Mary Doherty (London: Sands n.d.) [chk. & qry ?O’Doherty]; realistic stories of employment, marriage (and abortion) in Ballynahinch, Co. Down.

British Library lists Farmer Wants a Wife, comedy in 3 acts [Carter’s Irish Plays] (Carter 1955); Four New One Act Plays, selected and edited by Patricia O’Connor (Belfast: Quota [1948]); Mary O’Doherty, A Novel (London & Glasgow: Sands & Co. [1938]), 256pp.; Master Adams, a play (HR Carter [in assoc. with Quota] 1950), 71pp.; The Mill in the North (Talbot 1938), 65pp.; Select Vestry, a play (Quota [1946]), 63pp.

Belfast Public Library (1956 Catalogue) holds Highly Efficient; Master Adams; Farmer Wants a Wife (1955); Mill in the North (1938); Select Vestry (n.d.).

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