Kathleen Murphy

?-?; b. Birr; traveller, poetic contributor to magazines; contrib. autobiographical letters to Capuchin Annual. 1952,

‘[...] I have visited nearly all the famous ruins of the world, including even those of the Khmers and the Incas. [...] the Great Pyramid of Egypt and the Great Wall of China [...] [and] - a far rarer achievement - I have stood on the pillar St Simon Stylites in Syria. [...] Rio [...] Bali [...] dined with a sheikh in Morocco [...] succeeded in penetrating into the palace of the Shah of Persia to see the marvellous Peacock Throne [...] stark simplicity in a jungle shack [...] rock tombs of Petra [...] locked inside the mausoleum of a Shogun in Japan [...] escape [...] from Belgrade [...] Papal decoration for religious poetry [...] photographed [...] mounted in tallest camel in Africa [...] too unconventional to be published in the Capuchin Annual [...]. Yrs. sincerely, K. M. Murphy.' (Capuchin Annual, 1952; quoted in Anne Colman, Irish Women Poets [q.pub.])

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