Charles Pelham Mulvany

1835-1885; minor poet and journalist; TCD BA; contemp. with W. G. Wills; contrib. to Kottabos, The Nation, Irish Metropolitan Mag., and ed. The College Magazine; became a Navy surgeon; took orders, and settled in Canada, 1868, became curate in Toronto; issued Lyrics of History and of Life (1880); A History of Brant, Ontario (1883); Toronto, Past and Present (1886); History of North-West Rebellion of 1885 (1886); was working on a History of Canadian Liberalism at the time of his death. ODNB JMC


Justin McCarthy, ed., Irish Literature (Washington: Catholic Univ. of America 1904), gives bio-data [as above] and selects “Long Deserted” [‘Yon old house in moonlight sleeping, / Once it held a lady fair ... Ruined past all care and trouble / Like the heir of some old race ... There within our quiet garden / Fell that last of happy eves ... But one shape of gentlest beauty / I can conjure from thy gloom, / In whose sad eyes I can see ghosts that haunt memory.’).

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