Patrick Francis Mullany

1847-1893; ‘Brother Azarias’; b. Co. Tipperary, Christian Bother in America, having emigrated young; President of Rock Hill College, Maryland; d. New York; wrote works incl. ‘Philosophy of Literature’, ‘Development of English Literature’; Sonnets [of] the English poets, and addresses on thinking. JMC


Irish Literature, gen. ed. Justin McCarthy (Washington: Catholic Univ. of America 1904), selects passage on Emerson [as in Quotations, supra.]


Extract on Emerson: ‘Unfortunately for Emerson the value of his utterances, he ignores the supernatural in man. His view of religion is that of a merely human institution’), and Newman, whom he was honoured to meet in Birmingham; also a sonnet on Milton (‘.. bold I deem thy flight; / Unsanctified, unbidden, thou didst wing / Thy pathless way off tow’rd the secret spring / Of God’s decrees, and read them not aright.’ (Selected in Justin McCarthy, ed., Irish Literature, Washington 1904.)

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