William Mossop

1751-1804; b. Dublin, ed. Bluecoat School; apprentice to seal-cutter, set up at 4 Bull lane; first medal struck for John Beresford in 1782; prize medal for RIA, RDS, and Orange Association, etc.; used Wicklow copper for coinage; d. 28 Jan., 68 Mecklenburgh St., Dublin. RR ODNB DIB


Sir John Gilbert, History of the City of Dublin (1972 rep. edn.), Vol. III, Appendix VII & VIII, gives lists of medals struck by the Mossops [an account apparently by Mossop Jr.; vide DIB]. Works of the Elder include the Bantry Bay Medal, struck to commemorate the driving off of the French Fleet, obverse, a troubled sea with ships in distress, bearing the motto ‘Afflavit Deus at dissipantur,’ with Jan. MDCCXXCVII on the exergue. See also Richard Ryan, Biographia Hibernica: Irish Worthies (1821), Vol. II, p.444.

other Irish coin-makers, the Woodhouses, and Parkes; cited in WB Stanford, Ireland and the Classical Tradition (IAP 1976; this ed. 1984). Note also that William Stephen (1788-1827), projected a series of medals of distinguished Irishmen [ODNB].

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