William O’Connor Morris

1824-1904; b. Kilkenny, son of B. Morris, son of rector at Rincurran nr. Kinsale; ed. Oxford; Bar, King’s Inns Law Prof.; County Court Judge, Louth, 1872; Liberal-Unionist and opponent of Home Rule and Land League; issued Ireland 1494-1869 (1898); also Memoirs of Gerald O’Connor (1903), a fictional reconstruction of event leading to and following Treaty of Limerick. IF DIW


Stephen Brown
, Ireland in Fiction [Pt. I] (Dublin: Maunsel 1919), lists Memoirs of Gerald O’Connor (London: Digby, Long 1903), narrative reconstructed from papers of an ancestor dealing with the sequel to the Williamite War on the Continent; Morris was strongly opposed to Home Rule, son of rector at Rincurran nr. Kinsale; preface declares landlord viewpoint; Brown remarks that he was himself ‘a good landlord and an estimable man’; issued Memories and Thoughts of a Life [q.d.].

Hyland Catalogue, No. 220 (1996) lists William O’Connor Morris, Memories and Thoughts of a Life (1st edn., 1892). Also,

Belfast Central Public Library holds W. O’C. Morris, Ireland 1494-1869 (1898).

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