Bishop Moriarty

David Moriarty; Bishop of Killarney, and author of the famous remarks to the effect that ‘hell is not not enough nor eternity long enough for the Fenian leaders’, which was spoken before the trial of the Manchester martyrs - in reaction to which Paul Cullen, Archbishop of Dublin, said instructed his diocesan priests to pray for their souls, while Moriarty forbade any exhibitions of support in his diocese.

Recte: ‘O God's heaviest curse! - His withering, blasting, curse on them! When we look down into the fathomless depth of this infamy of the heads of the Fenian conspiracy, we must acknowledge that eternity is not long enough, nor hell hot enough to punish such miscreants.’ (See Padraig Ó Concubhair, “The Fenians were Dreadful Men”: the 1867 Rising, Cork: Mercier Press 2011.)

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