Thomas Ekenhead Mayne

1867-1899 [var. 1866]; son of bookseller; Black Thorn Blossoms (1897), [?]poetry; Belfast and the Heart of the Peat: Irish Fireside and Wayside Sketches (London: Simpkin, Marshal 1899), stories. DBIV DIW DIL2

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Stephen Brown, Ireland in Fiction (Dublin: Maunsel 1919), bio-data: d. in 1899 at 32; The Heart o’ the Peat: Irish Fireside and Wayside Sketches (1899), a work praised by James H. Cousins in an Sinn Fein review, cited by Brown, stating it to make ‘no attempt at meretricious workmanship, no maudlin sentimentality, no mock heroics’.

John Cooke, The Dublin Book of Irish Verse (Dublin: Hodges Figgis 1909), gives bio-dates, 1866-1899; “The Dirge for the Deep-Sea Trawler”; “An Tír-nan-Og” [‘In the land that I love is no wrong done, / Nor hurt nor evil beneath the fair sun, / The stainless skies ever tremble above / The sweet green plains of the land I love’]; “Dew”; “Winter Sunshine”. [n.g.]

Belfast Central Public Library holds Blackthorn Blossoms (1897); The Heart of the Peat (n.d.)

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