John Maxwell

1860-95; Irish-born, went to London in late 1830 to arrange publication of Gerald Griffin’s works; newsagent in City of London, 1851-57; contractor for advertisements, 1857-60; set up publishing house with Robert Maxwell at 4 Shoe Lane, surviving in business too 1887; inveterate founder of magazines including Welcome Guest, later Robin Goodfellow (1858-61), sold at 1p.; of these, St. James’s Magazine and Belgravia (1866) were the most successful; in receivership in 1862; supported by Elizabeth Braddon, the popular novelist with whom he lived, though his wife (m. 1848) was still alive and residing in a lunatic asylum; m. Braddon at her death in 1874; main publisher of sub-Dickensian bohemian authors and spec. in cheap reprint fiction. See Boase. SUTH

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