Edward Maturin

1812-1881; son of above, b. Dublin, grad. TCD; bar; emig. USA; Prof. of Greek at Charleston, South Caroline, and New York [in 1881: IF]; revised trans. of St. Mark’s Gospel for American Bible Union; d. New York; author of The Irish Chieftain (1848) and Bianca (1852), ‘a tale of Erin and Italy’; also Montezuma, the Last of the Aztecs (1845). RAF adds Lyrics of Spain and Erin (Boston 1850). DIW IF RAF SUTH

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The Irish Chieftain; or, The Isles of Life and Death (Glasgow 1848) and Bianca (1852); Montezuma, the Last of the Aztecs (1845).

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Stephen Brown, Ireland in Fiction [Pt. I] (Dublin: Maunsel 1919), lists The Irish Chieftain; or, The Isles of Life and Death (Glasgow 1848), 316pp., v. close print; A wild story without foundation in history but involving personages called O’Ruarc of Breffny, Dermod MacMurrough, Strongbow, Eva, Devorgilla); a series of high adventures, fighting, revenge, murders, etc., melodramatic, sentimental, extravagant [Brown]. Bianca, a tale of Erin and Italy, 2 vols. (NY: Harper 1852), 66opp., an outlandish story, full of murders, characters - mostly illegitimate - with terrible secrets, a duel between brothers, banshees, mysterious lady-prophetesses, fee-faw-fum [Brown].

Irish Book Lover: E. R. McClintock Dix cites Letters to a Friend by the late Mrs. E. M. Maturin (n. pub. 1818), 80pp. [with epitaph], printed by G. P. Bull of Roundwood, as being in his own possession and listed in British Museum (4411 C 42). See ‘The Roundwood Press’, The Irish Book Lover, Vol. I, No. 5 (Dec. 1909), p.61.

John Sutherland, The Longman Companion to Victorian Fiction (Longmans 1988; rep. 1989) notes that British Library holds 3 titles.

James Collins: A catalogue of books formerly belonging to James Collins, deceased, of Convent View, Drumcondra, in the Rare Books Collection of Illinois UL [UIUC] printed by Hely Thom for his administrix [; n.d.; early twentieth century], contains item: Maturin (Edward). Irish Chieftain; 8vo.; Glasgow 1848 [online; accessed 01.09.2010].

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