[Cardinal] Daniel Mannix

1864-1963; b. 4 March, Charleville, Co. Cork; ed. St Colman’s, Fermoy, and Maynooth; rd. 1890; Prof. of Philosophy, Maynooth, 1891; Vice-President, 1903; President, 1903-12, when he was crucially instrumental in the dismissal of Fr. Michael O’Hickey; apppointed co-adjutor Bishop of Melbourne, 1912-17; denounced Black and Tans; received Freedom of City of New York en route to Rome (ad liminem visit); attempted to visit Ireland in 1920, but was arrested and held at Penzance; forbidden to address meetings in Liverpool, Manchester and Glasgow; object of torchlit demonstrations there; returned to Melbourne, July 1921; called on to take the oath of loyalty; founded numerous parishes, schools, and institutes of training in Melbourne, as well as philanthropic institutes; promoted Catholic Action and split Australian Labour Party with injunction against ‘communist’ votes, resulting in creation of the predominantly Catholic Democratic Labour Party; condemned atomic bombing of Hiroshima as indefensible and immoral; d. 6 Nov.; bur. St Patrick’s Cathedral. DIB DIH

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