William J. Maguire

Author of Irish Literary Figures: Biographies in Miniature, Vol. 1. (Metropolitan Publishing Co., Dublin, 1945) 222pp.


Irish Literary Figures (1945) comprises short and sometimes informative, but equally often eccentric, biographical notices with quotations from works and from accounts by contemporaries and later admirers. The Irish authors treated are Ware, Petty, Swift, O’Carolan, Sterne, Lucas, Goldsmith, Burke, O’Connell, Moore, Haliday, John Banim, Griffin, Mangan, Mahoney, William Stokes, Ferguson, Davis, Denis Florence MacCarthy, John Elliot Cairnes, Thomas Darcy Magee, Charles J. Kickham, Robert Dwyer Joyce, George Moore, Oscar Wilde, and W. B. Yeats.

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