Daniel Owen Madden

1815-1859 [later Maddyn]; b. Mallow; a friend of Thomas Davis; London journalist; wrote on politics and history, incl. Ireland and [ ] her Rulers [q.d.]; The Game of Brag, or the Battery Boys, 2 vols. (London 1853) is a bitter satire on the MPs of the Irish Parliamentary Party, shown as vulgar and unscrupulous placehunters; concerns election in Rathdowney, and depicts clerical domination from an anti-Catholic standpoint. CAB IF2

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Charles Read
, ed., A Cabinet of Irish Literature (3 vols., 1876-78), gives bio-data: 1815-1859; b. Mallow, d. Dublin; friend of Thomas Davis. London journalist; political works incl. Ireland and Her Rulers;

Desmond Clarke, Ireland in Fiction [Pt. II] (Cork: Royal Carbery 1985), lists a novel, The Game of Bag, or The Battery Boys (1853), being a satire of the Irish nationalist Party, anti-Catholic and anti-clerical..

Belfast Central Public Library holds Ireland and Her Rulers [recte Ireland and 15 of Her Rulers since 1829].

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