William Charles Macready

1793-1873; ed. Rugby, appeared Birmingham as Romeo 1810; acted in his father’s company, playing with Mrs Siddons in Newcastle; Covent Garden, 1816; raised to head of theatre by his Richard III, 1819; successfully played John Banim’s Damon and Pythias (1821) but rejected Gerald Griffin’s first play, Aguire (now lost); quarrelled and moved to Drury Lane, 1823; America, 1826-17; Paris, 1828; managed Covent Garden, 1837-39; Haymarket, 1839-41; Drury Lane, 1841-43; visited America, 1843; played with Miss Faucit in Paris; staged Macbeth at the Astor Opera in New York while the American favourite son Edwin Forrest was also playing the role, causing theatrical riot in which 20 deaths occurred, 10 May 1849; forced to leave the country; last performance as Macbeth, Drury Lane, 1851; unrivalled Lear; drowned in Merchant Ship London. ODNB OCEL

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Alan S. Downer, The Eminent Tragedian William Ch. Macready (Mass: Harvard UP 1966), xvi, 392pp., ill.; J. C. Trewin, ed., Journal of William Charles Macready, 1832-1851 [abridg.] (London: Longmans 1967), xxxiii, 315pp.; William Toynbee, ed., Journal and Diaries (1912); John Cronin, ‘Macready, Griffin, and the Tragedy Gissipus’, in Éire-Ireland (Spring 1975), pp.34-44; there is a biography by W J Lawrence; sSee also G. E. Bentley, The London Stage [q.d.].

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Dictionary of National Biography, indicates that the father, William, was Irish-born, while his son William Charles Macready, was born on modern Euston Rd., London. There is a notice in Irish Book Lover.

Margaret Drabble, ed., The Oxford Companion to English Literature (OUP 1986), calls him the son of provincial actor-mgr, ed. Rugby; arrived from provincial stage in Covent Gdn, 1816; rival of Kean; mgr. Drury Lane and Covent Gdn. at different times; Browning wrote Strafford for him. 1837; appeared in Byron’s Two Foscari; best known as tragedian in Shakespearean roles as Lear, Hamlet, and Macbeth; Friends with Dickens; Tennyson wrote a sonnet to mark his last performance (in the part of Macbeth), 1851.

Patrick Rafroidi, Irish Literature in English, The Romantic Period, Vol 2 (Gerrards Cross 1980), cites Alan S. Downer, The Eminent Tragedian, William Charles Macready (Harvard 1966); The Journals of William Charles Macready 1832-51, abridged and edited by T. C. Trewin [held in UUC Lib.]

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