Thomas Kelly

See Eitne/Eithne, Ceol Drama braisteachach; Romantic Irish Opera founded upon the Irish folk-story “Éan an Cheoil Bhinn”; libretto by Thomas Kelly; music by Robert Dwyer (Riobárd O’Duibhir (Dublin: Cramer, Wood & Co. NY: Jos. W. Stern & Co. [n.d.] [1910]; all Rights reserved; 8/- net. Chars. In the High King of Eireen,Ceart, his eldest son; Art, and Neart, step-brothers to Ceart; The King of Tir na n-Og; Una  Nual, Queen of Tir na n-Og; Eithne, dg. Of the King of Tir na n-Og; Duffach, an enemy of Ceart Feargus, an old courtier; specially composed for the Oireachtass in Dublin 1909; 254pp. [Copy signed by full cast held in Princess Grace Irish Library, donated by Miss Mary Moran; accessed 27 Sept. 1985.]