Henry Johnstone


1749-1828 [John Henry Johnstone]; b. Kilkenny; joined cavalry regiment in Kilkenny where his father was quarter-master; appeared at Smock Alley under Ryder, 1773-?1780; appearing as the lead in Lionel and Clarissa; engaged by Thomas Harris at Covent Garden (1783-1803) on recommendation of Charles Macklin; admired for his voice, he sang the part of Macheath in The Beggar’s Opera and played various roles incl. Lucius O’Trigger, Major O’Flaherty (The West Indian), Brulgruddery (John Bull) and Teague (The Committee); back in in Dublin in 1803, he played Sir Callaghan O’Brallaghan in Macklin’s Love à la Mode; espec. noted for ability to play ‘refined Irish gentleman’; where he played same portfolio of parts at Drury Lane (1803-20); there is a portrait by Sir Martin Shee, engraved by Ward; m. dg. of Col. Poitier, Gov. of Kilmainham gaol, and then Miss Boulton, dg. of wine merchant; a grandson, Lester Wallack, wrote Memories of Fifty Years (NY 1889); d. London and left 12,000. CRO ODNB>

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Johnstone's roles are listed in J. O. Bartley, Teague, Shenkin and Sawney (Cork 1954), App. IV, pp.309-10 - as follows:

Dermot (Poor Pay, 1783 &c.); Foigard (Beaux Strategem 1785 &c.); O’Flaherty (West Indian 1785 &c.); Patrick (Love in a Camp 1786 &c.); O’Brallaghan (Love à la Mode 1787 &c.); Macpharo (Ton 1788); MacDermot (School for Arrogance 1791 &c.); O’Donnell (Woodman 1791 &c.); O’Carroll (Surrender of Calais 1791 &c.); O’Whack (Notoriety 1791); O’Liffy (Just in Time 1792); Delaney (Irishman in London 1792 &c.); O’Trigger (Rivals 1792 &c.); Teg (Committee 1792 &c.); tully (London Hermit 1793 et al,); Kilmallock (Mountaineers 1793 &c.); Mullinaheck (World in a Village 1793 &c.); MacScrape (Netley Abbey 1794 &c.); O’Lary (British Fortitude 1794 &c.); Timolin (Life’s Vagaries, 1795 et al); Parrots (Irish Mimic 1795 &c.); Killeavy (Bank Note 1795); O’Curry (Zorinski 1795 et al.); MacFloggan (Three and Deuce 1795); Macgallaher (Bannian Day 1796); O’Neil (Abroad and At Home 1796, et al.); Teague (Honest Thieves, 1797 &c.); O’Cutter (Jealous Wife 1797 et al); O’Bowling (Raft 1798); O’Blarney (Botheration 1798); O’Turloch (Cambro-Britons 1798); O’Rafarty (False and true 1798); Liffey (Ramah Droog 1798 &c.); Killruddery (Horse and Widow 1799 et al); O’Donnel (Castle of Sorrento 1799); Denis (Naval Pillar 1799); O’Tremor (What a Blunder 1800); Mactwolter (Review 1800).

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