Seán Jennett

b. 1910-?; var. 1912]; b. Yorkshire; poet and typographer; worked with Faber & Faber; left to join Wrey Gardiner’s Gray Walls Press; poetry include The Cloth of Flesh (London: Faber 1945), 61pp.; The Sun and Old Stones (1961); Deserts of England (1964); other works incl. The Making of Books (1974) and travel books, Connacht (1970), with Samuel McGreedy, A Family of Roses (1971); Paris (1973) and Loire (1975). DIW

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Always Adam (1943), ills.; The Cloth of Flesh (London: Faber 1945), 61pp.; Connacht (1970), ills.; Cork and Kerry (Batsford 1977) [... &c.]

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That rounding smoke drives out the souls of men,
creating nullity where once the mind had engined
and glad tongue wagged; on the cool light of evening
flinging the severed limb and rain of brain.

On that round pillow do the dead men lie
who made the shattering instruments of death,
who at their quick, precise machines all day
had fashioned for a thousand men their end.

Now in their own home is that grief attending
that should have waited in their neighbour's house;
their own wives weep, while other wives are glad,
seeing the angel pass for this time more.

But yet death drives and will not be directed
by every order of our ingenuity:
its force makes farce of our most careful plans
or shakes disaster from a careless finger.

Given in Earth Voices Whispering: An Anthology of Irish War Poetry 1914-1945, ed. Gerald Dawe (Belfast: Blackstaff Press 2008), p.217.

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Gerald Dawe, ed. Earth Voices Whispering: An Anthology of Irish War Poetry 1914-1945 (Belfast: Blackstaff Press 2008), gives poems: “[from] Always Adam”; “For Thomas Flanagan” [as supra]; “The Letter”; “Morning”; “Explosion” [as supra]. (pp.206-17)

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Robert Greacen: In is autobiography Even Without Irene (1969; rep. 1995), Greacen makes reference to Jennett as leaving Faber to join Falcon Press.

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