John Jebb

1775-1833; Protestant Bishop of Limerick (1822-33); rector of Abingdon, Dean of Emly; defended Irish establishment in House of Lords, 1824; Essay on Sacred Literature (1820); pioneer of Oxford Movement. ODNB DIB


John Crone, A Concise Dictionary of Irish Biography (Dublin: Talbot 1928), lists 3 Rev. John Jebbs 1) b. 1736, Anglican rector then MD and FRS [also ODNB], 1779; 2) b. 1805, Peterstow rector; Literal Translations of the Psalms, 2 vols. 1846 [also ODNB]; 3) b. 1775 Drogheda, Anglican bishop of Limerick, pioneer Oxford Movement [supra].

Belfast Public Library lists Biog. Memoir of William Phelan (n.d.); Piety without Asceticism, or the Protestant Kempis (1830); Pastoral Instructions (1831); Speeches on Irish Tithe Composition Amendment Bill.

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