Patricia Hutchins


Born into an Anglo-Irish family in Cork; lived in London; issued James Joyce's World (1950) and Ezra Pound's Kensington (1957); she married and predeceased Robert Greacen [q.v.], with whom a dg.;
Robert Greacen, “St Andrew’s Day” - Elegy for Patricia Hutchins

It’s 2 p.m. at Ladbroke Grove. I board a bus.
The mourners are gathering at Glengarriff.
Is it drizzling there? I hear the rain
Touch-typing an elegy on the bay waters.
Though in her will she said “No flowers
Our daughter will place veronica on the coffin
Borne through the woods to the old Killeen.
Will the funeral go to plan, discreetly,
Even in the drizzle I imagine falling
On the lands of Gael and Planter?
I say a London goodbye to a lost wife,
Remember our time of roses, promises,
The silvered sea at Ardnagashel,
Earrings of fuchsia in the hedgerows,
Hope arching, like a rainbow, over all.

(Quoted in Hugh McFadden, review of Greacen’s Selected and New Poems, in Books Ireland, Feb. 2007, p.15.)

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  • Ivan and His Wonderful Coat and Other Stories (Dublin 1945) [for children; 8°]
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  • ‘Daniel Corkery: Poet of Weather and Place’, in Irish Writing (Dec. 1953), 42-49 [quoted in Alexander Gonzalez, ‘Daniel Corkery’, in Modern Irish Writers: A Bio-Critical Sourcebook, Greenwood Press 1997, p.62 - available online.]
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Reviews by Hutchins
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Reviews of Hutchins
  • Review of Social life in Ireland, 1800-45, ed. by R. B. McDowell, and of James Joyce's World, by Patricia Hutchins (1957);
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... et mult. al.

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World Catalogue also lists:
  • James Joyce’s Correspondence, - 1956;
  • Correspondence between Patricia Hutchins and members of staff of the BBC (q.d.);
  • Correspondence between Patricia Hutchins [6 letters] and Leonard Woolf [5 letters] (1968);
  • Letters from Ezra Pound to Patricia Hutchins (q.d.)
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