Denis Holland

1826-1872; journalist; fnd. Ulsterman; issued The Landlord in Donegal (q.d.); Ulick O’Donnell, novel; went to America. PI IF MKA

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Stephen Brown, Ireland in Fiction (Dublin: Maunsel 1919), lists Donal Dun O’Byrne, a Tale of the Rising in Wexford in 1798, from insurgent viewpoint (n.d.); Ulick O’Donnell, An Irish Peasant’s Progress (1860), clever lad from Newry in England and Liverpool.

Irish Book Lover, Vols. 6 (1917) & 8 (1916-17), references.

Brian McKenna, Irish Literature, 1800-1875: A Guide to Information Sources (Detroit: Gale Research Co. 1978), gives bio-dates, 1826-1872; lists prose, The Land Lord in Donegal, pictures from the Wilds (Belfast Ulsterman, ca.1859); Ulic O’Donnell, an Irish Peasant’s Progress (1860); Donal Dun O’Byrne, a tale ... of Wexford in 1798 (1869); A Dirge for Charles Stewart Parnell (1891).

Belfast Public Library holds Landlord in Donegal (n.d.), and Life of Marshal MacMahon, Duke of Magneta (1859), with J. E. Pigot.

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Denis Holland, Donal Dun O’Byrne, A Tale of the Rising in Wexford in 1798 (Cameron & Ferguson, Glasgow 1869) includes the chars. Grace Bassett, Myles Cassidy, and Ned Traynor, much of the cast of P. J. Bourke’s When Wexford Rose. (See Cheryl Herr, For The Land They Loved, 1991, p. 73.)

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