James Hogan

Donnachadh Ó Corráin, ed., James Hogan: Revolutionary, Historian and Political Scientist (Dublin: Four Courts 2001), 249pp. Reviewed by Colman Cassidy (The Irish Times, 7 July 2001), with remarks: ‘Hogan viewed the Republican Congress, established by [Peadar] O’Donnell and George Gilmore in 1934 to take the gun out of Irish politics in the tradition of Michael Davitt, as, in reality, a front for communism’ and hence condemned him as ‘a leading communist agitator’; his views in Election and Representation, reviewed by Sean O’Faolain in The Bell in 1946, were anathema to O’Faolain as to O’Donnell; O’Donnell blamed him among others for the fact that he could not get a visa in order to raise money in America to save The Bell.

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