H[enry] A[lbert] Hinkson

1865-1919; b. Dublin, ed. High School, TCD and Germany; m. Katherine Tynan, 1893; English bar, 1902; lived as barrister and author; returned from London to take up an appointment as Resident Magistrate, Co. Mayo, 1916; wrote novels of Anglo-Irish life including O'Grady of Trinity (1896), Up the Green (1898) and The Considine Luck (1912); issued a popular work on copyright law (1903); Pamela Hinkson was their dg. IF DIW SUTH OCIL

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  • Student Life in Trinity College (Dublin: J. Charles & Son 1892), [4], 68pp., ill. by Walter C. Mills;
  • Golden Lads and Girls (London: Downey & Co. 1895), viii, 312pp.;
  • O'Grady of Trinity: A Story of Irish University Life (London: Lawrence & Bullen 1896), viii, 248pp.;
  • Up for the Green: A Romance of the Irish Rebellion of 1798 (London: Lawrence & Bullen 1898), viii, 327, [1]pp.;
  • When Love is Kind (London: John Long 1898), 32pp.;
  • The King's Deputy: A Romance of the Last Century (London: Lawrence & Bullen 1899), viii, 236, 12pp.;
  • Sir Phelim's Treasure (London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge [1901]), iv, 255pp., ill. by W. S. Stacey;
  • The Point of Honour: Being Some Adventures of Certain Gentlemen of the Pistol, including those of the notorious Sir Phelim Burke ( London 1901);
  • Silk and Steel (London: Chatto & Windus 1902), viii, 336pp.;
  • Fan Fitzgerald (London: Chatto & Windus 1902), viii, 341pp.;
  • The Wine of Love (London: Eveleigh Nash 1904), viii, 311pp.; The Splendid Knight (Dublin: Sealy, Bryers & Walker [printed]; London: F. V. White & Co. 1905), viii, 5-262pp., ill. by Lawson Wood [5 pls.];
  • The Castaways of Hope Island (London & Edinburgh: T. C. & E. C. Jack 1907), vii, 216pp., ill. by J. Jellicoe; and Do. [another edn.] (London: T. Nelson & Sons 1916; 1922) 1916 pp. vi. 216p.;
  • Father Alphonsus (London: T. Fisher Unwin 1908), viii. 283pp.;
  • Gentleman Jack: An Adventure in East Africa ( London: Christian Knowledge Society [1913], 222pp., ill.; Glory of War: A Story of the Days of Marlborough ... Illustrated by W. S. Stacey.( London: Christian Knowledge Society [1912]), 256pp.;
  • The Considine Luck (London: Stephen Swift 1912), viii, 301pp.;
  • The House of the Oak (London: Christian Knowledge Society [1912]), 215pp., ill. by Harold Piffard.

Also ed., Dublin Verses by members of Trinity College (London: Elkin Matthews; Dublin: Hodges, Figgis 1895), xiii 140pp.; Copyright Law (London: A. H. Bullen 1903), xx, 357pp.

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Stephen Brown, Ireland in Fiction (Dublin: Maunsel 1919): b. Dublin 1865, married Katherine Tynan, d. 1919; Golden Lads and Girls (1895), upper mid. class love story; Father Alphonsus (1898), life story of 2 seminarians, in which an erring priest who has broken his vows to marry a Protestant lady, ends in a monastary; Up for the Green (1898), a Quaker captured in 1798 discovers how good the lads are, thoroughly national standpoint; When Love is Kind; The King’s Deputy (1901) Sir Phelim’s Treasure, boys’ story on Irish island; The Point of Honour; Silk and Steel; Fan Fitzgerald, in which young Dick Burke feels the call of the Celt (1902); The Wine of Love (1904); The Splendid Knight; Golden Morn; O’Grady of Trinity, admiringly reviewed by Lionel Johnson, fun, frolic and love (1909); The Considine Luck (1912), in which the Considine estate passes into the hands of an English man who imposes changes but, by luck for all concerned, it reverts to the Considine family. See also Irish Book Lover, Vol. 6.

John Sutherland, The Longman Companion to Victorian Fiction (Harlow: Longmans 1988); b. Dublin, ed. High School, TCD, classics, and Germany; taught Clongowes Wood Sch., m. Katherine Tynan, 1893; English bar 1902; Catholic convert, reflected in fiction, Golden Lads and Girls (1895), modern love story set in Galway; Up for the Green (1898), commemorating 1798; When Love is Kind (1898). Later magistrate in S. Mayo. BL 13.

Belfast Libraries
Belfast Public Library holds Considine Luck (1912); Fan Fitzgerald (1902); Father Alphonsus (1908); King’s Deputy (1899); O’Grady of Trinity (1896); Up the Green (1898); Verse ... TCD (1895). Belfast Linen Hall Library holds Dublin Verses.

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