Andrew Franklin

1760-1820; lived in London, wrote successful operettas, notably The Wandering Jew (1797), The Counterfeit (1804). PI JMC DBIV RAF DIW

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D. J. O’Donoghue, The Poets of Ireland: A Biographical Dictionary (Dublin: Hodges Figgis & Co 1912); operas include The Mermaid (1792), A Trip to the Nore (Lon. 1797), The Egyptian Festival (1800), The Wandering Jew, or Love’s Masquerade, com. (Lon. 1797) and An Affectionate Epistle to the Real Author of A Touch of the Times (Dublin 1783. b. Cork, d. 1845; other dramatic pieces incl. The Hypochondriac [music by T. Giordani; unpubl.] , The Outlaws, etc. performed not printed. [No ODNB entry]

Peter Kavanagh, Irish Theatre (Tralee 1946): Andrew Franklin, fl.1785; The Hypoc[h]ondriac, interlude (Smock Alley Jan. 1785), mus. Giordani, not printed; The Mermaid, farce (CG 26 Mar. 1792) 1792; The Wandering Jew or Love’s Masquerade, broad farce (Drury Lane 15 May 1797) 1797; A Trip to the Nore, 1 act, mus. ent. (Drury Lane 9 Nov. 1797) 1797; The Outlaws, mus. dram., mus. by Florio (Drury Lane 9 Nov. 1798) 1798; Gander Hall, farce (Hay, 5 Aug. 1799), Larpent MS; Embarkation, mus. ent. (Drury Lane 3 Oct. 1799), mus. by Reeve 1799, songs printed in 1799; The Egyptian Festival, com. op. (Drury Lane 24 Mar 1800) 1800; The Counterfeit (Drury Lane Mar 1804) 1804, a success [Biog. Dram. and ODNB]

Patrick Rafroidi, Irish Literature in English, The Romantic Period, 1789-1850 (Gerrards Cross: Colin Smythe 1980), Vol. I; ?1760-1845; b. Cork, edited The Morning Adviser c.1805; successful playwright. RAF adds, A Trip to the Nore, one act mus. ent. Drury Lane (1797); Gander Hall, farce (1799, Larpent); Embarkation (do.); The Counterfeit, Drury lane farce (1804).

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