Christopher Fitz-Simon

b. Belfast [Christopher O’Connell Fitz-simon]; descendent of Daniel O’Connell and Protestant unionists; son of army officer in WWII Middle East) and placed in care of relatives during war; raised a Catholic and brought up in Monaghan, Dublin, Down, Tyrone and Clare; grad. TCD; editor of Icarus; chair of the Dublin University Players; worked in theatre and broadcasting in N. America; appt. drama producer with RTÉ TV; appt. artistic director of the Irish Theatre Company; literary manager and artistic director of Abbey and Peacock (National Theatre Society); author of a radio plays and dramatisations on Boucicault, Bowen, Colum, Forzano, Joyce, Forest Reid, Giraudoux, Somerville & Ross, Stoker and Wilde, and others, including Irish murders; issued The Arts in Ireland (1982), The Irish Theatre (1983); with Sanford Sternlicht, ed., New Plays from the Abbey (1999); acted as visiting professor at the University of Ulster, and completed a doctorate there, “Popular Irish Drama in the Decade Leading up to the Opening of the Abbey Theatre” (PhD Diss., UU Coleraine 2003); 100 Years of the Abbey Theatre (2003); lectures on Irish theatre in four continents; his play Speranza, about Oscar Wilde’s mother, conceived as a radio monologue, was produced by Little Elf at Andrew’s Lane Studio (Aug 28 2003); lectured at Princess Grace Irish Library, Spring 2003.

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Princess Grace Irish Library (Monaco): Christopher Fitz-simon - suitably attired in a green velvet jacket - lectured at the Library in Spring 2003 on the subject “‘Speranza’ - Irish Nationalist Poet and Mother of Oscar Wilde” to great applause.