Richard Fitzpatrick

1747-1813; general, politician, and wit; grandson of Richard Fitzpatrick, 1st Baron Gowran; lifeong friend of CJ Fox; entered army, 1765; served in America, 1777-8; Tavistock MP, 1774, 1807, 1812; Bedfordshire, 1807-12; Chief Sec. for Ireland, 1782; Sec. of War to Coalition of 1783; member of “ministry of all the talents”, 1806-07; one of the chief writers of the “Rolliad”. [Suppl. ii.216] ODNB.


Prologue to Sheridan’s The Critic (1779) is by Fitzpatrick. See the following note in Geoffrey Tillotson, ed., Eighteenth Century English Literature (Harcourt Brace Janovich 1969), p.1378, 1747-1813, MP, wit, and soldier; just back from the American war, he was a leader of fashion and a devotee of the theatre.

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