Fitzgerald [family name]

James Fitzthomas Fitzgerald (d.1068), Sugan earl, carried on war in Munster, captured by White knight Edmund Fitzgibbon, d. insane in Tower.

Maurice Fitzgerald (d.1176), br. of David II, led sally at Dublin, bur. Wexford.

Raymond Fitzgerald (d.?1182), ‘Le Gros’, representative of Strongbow, 1170, captured Waterford, led Dublin expedition, relieved Strongbow when besieged at Waterford, 1174, and married his sister, defeated Donald O’Brien, 1176, ruled Ireland till arrival of Fitzaldhelm, and reduced Cork.

Maurice Fitzgerald (1194-1257), baron of Offaly, justiciar of Ireland, warred in Connaught.

Gerald Fitzgerald (d.1204), lord of Offaly, son of Maurice Fitzgerald (d.1176), distinguished as opponent of Roderic O’Conor, received Kildare property from Strongbow.

Maurice Fitzmaurice Fitzgerald (?1238-?1277), baron of Offaly, justiciar, granted Athlone, shrievelty of Connaught, captured O’Brien.

Maurice Fitzgerald (d.1268), inherited barony of Offay, drowned Irish Sea.

Gerald Fitzmaurice Fitzgerald (?1265-?1287), Baron of Offaly, attacked Irish.

John Fitzgerald (d.1316), 1st earl of Kildare.

Maurice Fitzgerald (1318-90), 4th earl of Kildare, aka Maurice Fitzthomas, opposed anglicisation, present with Edward III at siege of Calais

Maurice Fitzgerald (d.1356), 1st earl of Desmond.

Gerald Fitzgerald (d.1398), 4th, prop. 3rd, earl, justiciar of Ireland, 1367-69, and poet.

Thomas Fitzgerald (d.1328), justiciar, m. Joan, dg. Richard d Burgh, earl of Ulster, led army against Robert the Bruce, partisan of Roger Mortimer.

Gerald Fitzgerald (1487-1534), ed. England, lord justice and deputy, 1513, removed on Ormonde’s charge of maladministration, 1520, reappointed, removed, imprisoned in Tower, 1526, returned with Skeffington, wounded at Birr, 1533, died in Tower

Thomas Fitzgerald (d.1477), 7th earl, variously deputy for Richard and for Clarence.

Lady Elizabeth Fitzgerald (?1528-1589), ‘the Fair Elizabeth, dg. 9th earl.

Gerald Fitzgerald (d.1585), 15th earl, repeatedly arrested, and escaped, carried on war in Munster, submitted, rebelled, and recaptured after 4 years, to be killed at Glenaghty m. Eleanor [née Butler], Countess of Desmond.

Gerald Fitzgerald (1525-1585), 11th earl, ed. France and Rome, served against Moors, eastates restored by Edward VI, fought against Irish and Spanish, imprisoned on suspicion, released, returned to Ireland, d. in London.

Gerald Fitzgerald (d.1513), 8th and ‘great’ earl, deputy-gov. of Ireland, 1477, in opposition to nominee of Edward IV, pardoned by Henry VIII, attainted, imprisoned in Tower as partisan of Warbeck, 1494, deputy of Ireland, 1496, died of wounds in battle with Leinster sept.

James Fitzgerald (?1570-?1601), 15th earl, imprisoned in Tower for 16 years, sent to Munster, failed to bring Geraldines to allegiance, died in London

James Fitzjohn Fitzgerald (d.1540), 13th earl, slain by Sir Maurice of Desmond nr. Cork.

James Fitzmaurice Fitzgerald (d.1579), captain of Desmond Rebellion, submitted to Perrot, 1573; retired to France, Spain and Italy, planning invasion of Ireland with Gregory and Stukley, reaching Ireland at Dingle, 1579, killed by Theobald Burke in skirmish.

Sir John Fitzgerald (d.1581), of Desmond, rebel, hanged in Cork.

John Fitzedmund Fitzgerald (1528-1612), dean of Cloyne.

Katharine Fitzgerald (?1500-1604), ‘old’ Countess of Desmond, believed to have lived 140 years.

Thomas Fitzgerald (1513-1537) [“Silken Thomas”], baron of Offaly and 10th earl of Kildare deputy-gov. 1534, renounced allegiance and slew Archb. Allen, submitted to Lord Leonard Grey, 1535, executed at Tyburn with his 5 uncles [vide infra].

George Fitzgerald (1611-1660), 16th earl, rebuilt Maynooth, friend of Shirley; parliamentarian Gov. of Dublin, 1647 [vide infra].

James Fitzgerald (1722-1773), 1st Duke of Leinster, procured recall of Dorset from Ireland, 1754, Lord Deputy, 1746.

James Fitzgerald (1742-1835), ed. TCD, bar, MP Ennis 1772, spoke against the Union, refused peerage, though his wife became Baroness Fitzgerald, 1826.

Edward Fitzgerald (1763-1798) [Lord Edward Fitzgerald; vide infra].

Edward Fitzgerald (?1770-1807), insurgent, released for Wexford gaol by mob, surrendered to Wilford, imprisoned in Dublin, rearrested in England, 1800, d. Hamburg.

Maurice Fitzgerald (1774-1849), knight of Kerry, MP for Kerry in Dublin and London, lord of treasury, 1827, vice-treasurer of Ireland, 1830, lost seat at Reform Act.

Pamela Fitzgerald (?1776-1831), wife of Lord Edward, putatively of Newfoundland descent, prob. dg. of Mme. de Genlis and Duke d’Orlean; remarried after her husband’s death.

George Robert Fitzgerald (?1748-1786), ‘Fighting Fitzgerald’, eloped and m. dg. Thomas Conolly, executed for murder of Patrick McDonnell [vide infra].

Sir John Foster Fitzgerald (?1784-1877), KCB, GCB 1862, field-marshal 1875, MP Co Clare 1852-57, d. Tours.

William Robert Fitzgerald (1749-1804), 2nd duke of Leinster, MP for Dublin, colonel of Dublin regt. of Irish Volunteers, the first K.P., 1783; master of rolls in Ireland, 1788, supported Union, made great efforts to save his br. Lord Edward.

William Thomas Fitzgerald (?1759-1829), clerk in navy pay office, author of patriotic effusions, parodied in ‘Rejected Addresses’.

William Vesey Fitzgerald (1783-1843), baron Fitzgerald and Vesey, privy-councillor, MP for Clare, 1818, envoy to Sweden, 1820-03, defeated by O’Connell in Clare, 1828, held Cornish boroughs, MP Ennis 1831, succeeded to his mother’s peerage, 1832, created baron by Peel, 1835.

Sir Peter George Fitzgerald (1808-1880), 19th knight of Kerry, vice-treasurer of Ireland in Peel’s administration, 1841-46.

Edward Fitzgerald (1809-1883), author of ‘Rubaiyat’ [vide infra].

William Fitzgerald (1814-1883), ed. TCD, archdeacon of Kildare, bishop of Cork, Cloyne, and Ross, 1857-62, translated to Killaloe, 1862, ed. Butler’s ‘Analogy of Religion’.

Sir William Robert Seymour Vesey Fitzgerald (1818-1885), gov. of Bombay.

James Edward Fitzgerald (1818-1896), prime minister of New Zealand, ed. Cambridge.

John David Fitzgerald (1816-1889) liberal MP for Ennis, 1852, attorney-gen. 1855.

Henry Vesey Fitzgerald (d.1860), dean of Emly, and later Kilmore.

Sir Thomas Judkin Fitzgerald (d.1810), 1st baronet, high sherriff of Tipperary, notorious in suppression of Rebellion of 1798; chancellor of York.

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S. Werburgh Monument: The Geraldine of S. Werburgh’s [south wall monument] is either John ‘The Crooked’, 6th Earl of Kildare, the builder of the Castle at Maynooth, or, more probably, Thomas, 7th Earl, both of whom, we are told in the Peerage of Lodge and Archdall, were buried at the Monastary of All Saints where Dublin University now stands, John in 1427, and Thomas, who was Lord Deputy, in 1478. See The Church of S. Werburgh Dublin, by S. C. Hughes (1899), p.14.

Library stuff: St. Antoninus, Dominican Archbish. of Florence, Opus Historiorum Chronicarum (1480) in 1526, a copy was held in home of Gerald of Kildare, included in list of books in that library compiled by Philip of Flattisbury. Archbishop James Ussher used the same work as source for his history of St. Patrick. (See Treasures of Maynooth Library.)

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