Lord Dunraven [Windham Quin]

1841-1926 [Winham Thomas Wyndam Quin; 4th Earl]; b. Adare, ed. Rome and Christ Church Oxford; left college to join Life Guards; correspondent in Abyssinia (Daily Telegraph); Franco-Prussian War, and siege of Paris, 1870-71; US Civil War correspondent before succeeding to earldom; hunted with Wild Bill Cody in Platte River; big game hunter; noted yachtsman in Valkyrie II and III; under-sec. for theColonies, 1885-87; chaired Commission on Sweated Labour; Outlook for Irlenad, the Case for Devolutin and Conciliation (1897; 1907); chaired Land Conference, 1902-03; reps. Irish reform Association, 1904; Senator of Free State, 1922; Cheap Food for the People, An Open Letter to the People of Ireland (1925); contrib. ‘Historical Notice of Adare’ to Memorials of Dunraven by his mother, Caroline, Countess of Dunraven; Self Instruction in the Theory and Practice of Navigation (1900); The Irish Question (1880); The Legacy of Past Years, A Study of Irish History (1911); Canadian Nights (1914); Past Times and Pasttimes (1922); The Great Divide, the Upper Yellowstone (1876). d. London. CAB JMC DIW DIH FDA

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Seamus Deane, gen. ed., The Field Day Anthology of Irish Writing (Derry: Field Day 1991), Vol. 2; Lord Dunraven [Windham Thomas Wyndham Quin] took the place of the nominated unionists who refused to attend the Land Conference of 1902-03 at the Mansion House. According to William O’Brien, ‘it is no longer doubtful that [George] Wyndham himsef, in whose veins course the generous blood of Lord Edward Fitzgerald, was an active sympathiser with Lord Dunraven’s tentative essays in Home Rule &c’ remarks by William O’Brien, in The Downfall of Parliamentarianism (1918).

Irish Literature, Justin McCarthy, ed. (Washington: University of America 1904); gives extract from The Great Divide. BIBL, CAB[?] cites Travels in Upper Yellowstone ... (1876) for this title. See also Irish Book Lover, Vol. 7.

Cathach Bks (Cat. 12): The Finances of Ireland – Before the Union and After (London 1912); also The Crisis in Ireland (London 1920), complimentary copy from author; Past Times and Pastimes, 2 vols. (1922).

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