Dillon [family name]


Dictionary of National Biography lists:

  • Arthur Dillon (?1670-1733), general in French service, colonel of jacobite regt. in France, maréchal-de-camp 1704, superintendent entrenchments at siege of Barcelona 1714, Pretender’s agent in Paris, d. St. Germaine;
  • Arthur Richard Dillon (1750-1794) [see below];
  • Arthur Richard Dillon (1721-1806), son of Arthur Dillon (1670-1733), bishop of Evreux 1753, archb. of Toulouse 1758, of Narbonne 1763, diocese abolished by concordat, d. London;
  • Edouard Dillon (1751-1839), colonel of Provence regt., formed new Dillon regt. at Colblenz 1791, lieut.-gen. 1814, ambasador to Saxony 1816-81, and Tuscany 1819;
  • Sir James Dillon (fl.1667), lieut.-gen. and gov. of Athlone and Connaught, participated in Leinster revolt against Parliament, 1652, brig.-gen. in service of Spain and the Fronde, pensioned by Charles II;
  • John Blake Dillon (1816-1866) [see below];
  • Sir John Talbot Dillon (?1740-1805) [see below];
  • Sir Lucas Dillon (d.1593, son of Sir Robert Dillon (?1500-1580), sol.-gen. for Ireland 1565, att.-gen. 1566, MP 1569, chief baron of court of Irish exchequer 1570, knighted 1576, seneschal for W. Kilkenny 1583, apointed inter al. to admin. government pending arrival of Sir John Perrot 1584, commissioner for plantation of Munster 1587;
  • Peter Dillon (?1785-1847), engaged in sandal-wood trade between W. Pacific Islands and China and employed in timber trade for East India market, went in search of lost ships of L Pérouse wrecked on Santa Cruz group, and published account of voyage, 1827-28;
  • Sir Robert Dillon (?1500-1580), att.-gen. for Ireland 1534, second justice of queen’s bench 1554, cheif-justice of court of common pleas 1559-80.
  • Sir Robert Dillon (d.1597), second justice of presidency of Connaught 1669, chancellor of Irish exchequer 1572, second justice of common pleas 1577, chief-justice 1581, imprisoned on accusation of corruption and cruelty, declared innocent and restored 1595.
  • Robert Crawford Dillon (1795-1847),
  • Theobald Dillon (1745-1792), lieut.-col. in Dillon’s regt. 1780, took part in attack on Grenada 1779, knight of St. Louois 1781, brig.-gen. 1791, murdered by his own republican troops in panic at Tournay 1792;
  • Thomas Dillon, 4th Viscount Dillon (?1615-?172), lord of privy counvil in ireland 1640, joint gov. of Mayo 1641, deputed to Irish parliament to present statement of grievance to Charles I, and served under king 1642, joined Marquis of Ormonde’s rising 1649, master of the rolls (custos rotulorum) 1662.
  • Thomas Dillon or de Leon (1613-1676), jesuit novice at Seville 1527, ordained and appt. professor of humanities at Cadiz 1640-?676, orientalist and theologian;
  • Wentworth Dillon (?1633-1685), 4th Earl of Roscommon [see infra];
  • Sir William Henry Dillon (1779-1857), son of Sir John Talbot Dillon, co-operated with the British army as naval lieutenant off Wexford and arreted Skallian 1798, siezed by Dutch commodore Valterbach and handed over to french for detention 1803, commander 1805, served at Walcheren off Spain and in East Indies, K.C.H. and knighted 1835, vice-admiral of the red 1853;
  • Henry Augustus
  • Dillon-Lee (1777-1832), 13th Viscount Dillon [see infra].

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