Aubrey Dillon-Malone

Fiction , The Things That Were (Ashfield Press 1998), 256pp. Miscellaneous, Hollyweird (Michael O’Mara Books 1995), 254pp., 8 photos.; It’s An Awful World Thank God! (Newbridge: Web Publications 1996); A Ripe Old Age: Enjoying the Later Years (Newbridge: Web Publications 1996), 171pp. [Profits to Alzheimer Society of Ireland]; The Guinness Book of Humorous Irish Anecdotes (Guinness Publishing 1996), 224pp.; Ryan’s Daughter and Michael Collins (GLI 1997), 56 & 57pp.; The Rise and Fall and Rise of Elvis (Leopold Publishing 1997), 163pp., 16 col. Photos; Soundbites: A Dictionary of Irish Political Quotations (Leopold Publishing 1997), 127pp.

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