Burgh [family name]

Hubert de Burgh (d.1243), of Norman-Irish birth; envoy of King John to Portugal, 1200; defended Dover Castle against French; head of national party against foreigners and bishop of Winchester; justiciarship of Ireland, June 1232, dismissed July 1232; Tower, 1232; escaped, reconciled, &c.

Richard de Burgh (d.1243), dispossessed by King John of lands in Connaught; pilgrim to Compostella, 1222; restored by Henry III, 1222; fought against Aedh O’Conor, 1230; invaded Irish estates of Richard, and contrib. to his death, 1234; sailed to join Henry III in France, where he died.

Ulick de Burgh, 5th earl and Marquis of Clanricade (1605-1657), succeeded to earldom, 1635; served Charles against Scots, 1639; acted as royal Commissioner to meet confederates, 1643; marquis, 1645; tried to reconcile Irish to Charles I, 1646; reduced Galway, 1648; deputy for Ormonde, Dec. 1650; distrusted the Irish; capitulated to Parliament, 1653.

Sir Ulysses Bagenal Burgh, 2nd Baron Downes (1788-1863), ensign, 1804; captain 1806; aide de camp to Wellington in Spain, 1809-14; lieutenant colonel, 1812; KCB, 1814; colonel, 1825; succeeded to barony, 1826; clerk of ordnance, 1828-30; general, 1854.

Walter de Burgh, Earl of Ulster (d.1271), 2nd s. of Richard (d.1243), succeeded his br., 1248; granted possession, 1250; came of age, 1253; at war with Irish in Connaught, 1256-70; at war with Fitzgerald, 1264-65.

William de Burgh (d.1204), harried Connaught Irish, supported pretender Cathal Carrach to dispossess Cathal Crobhderg.

William de Burgh, 6th Lord of Connaught and 3rd Earl of Ulster (1312-1332), succceeded, 1326; knighted, obtained possession, 1328; at war with O’Brians, 1328-30; attended parliament in Dublin, 1329; at war with Fitzgerald, 1330; imprisoned in England, 1331; at war with Sir Walter de Burgh, 1332.

Walter Hussey de Burgh (1742-1783) [as infra.]. William Burgh (1741-1808), MP for Athy, 1769-76; advocated abolition of slavery; opposed Union; Hon DCL, Oxon., 1788; opposed unitarianism.

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