Maurice Browne [Very Rev.]

1892-1979 [pseud. Joseph Brady]; br. of Cardinal de Brún [Browne]; parish priest of Ballymore Eustace, Co. Kildare; author of The Big Sycamore (1958), a novel set in Tipperary, with epigraph-poem by Máire MacEntee [Mac an tSaoi], and Monavalla (1963), set in Wicklow.

Prelude to Victory (Dublin: James Duffy 1950); The Big Sycamore (Dublin: M. H. Gill & Sons 1958), 279pp.; In Monavalla (Dublin: Gill 1963), 325pp.; ; From a Presbytery Window (Dublin: Talbot 1971), ill. by Eileen Couhlan;

Cathach Books
(No. 12) lists Monsignor Browne’s [otherwise de Brún] copy of In Monavalla (1963).

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