Thomas Bartlett


b. Belfast; ed. QUB; Professor of history, UCD; inaug. address entitled “Acts of Union” (2000); works on 18th century revolutionary Dublin in the 18th century; incl. Letters of Francis Higgins (2003); Life of Tone (1998), et al.

See podcast of Tom Bartlett’s lecture, “A History of Ireland 431AD-2010, in 45 Minutes: The Long & the Short of It,” given at at Glucksman House (NY) - online. (Notice from Anne Solari of Glucksman House, NYU, on Irish Diaspora Studies, 15.08.2012) [Requires installed i-Tunes.]

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The Academy of Warre: Military Affairs in Ireland 1600-1800 [O'Donnell Lect., UCD] (NUI 2002), 27pp.; Life of Theobald Wolfe Tone, compiled and arranged by William Theobald Tone [his son]; ed. by Thomas Bartlett (Dublin: Lilliput Press 1998), lii, 1,002pp. [Bibl. pp.xlviii-lii]; ed. Revolutionary Dublin: The Letters of Francis Higgins to Dublin Castle, 1795-1801 (Dublin: Four Courts 2003), 480pp.; Ireland: A History (Cambridge UP 2010), 671pp.

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