A Knowledge of James Joyce
— devised & compiled by Bruce Stewart —
UFRN Brazil / UU Emeritus
Are you celebrating the centenary of Ulysses - published on February 2nd, 1922? Well, RICORSO has placed a Rapid-Read Edition of Ulysses on this page - as infra.
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Description: This is a gateway to a large-scale body of information about James Joyce on the RICORSO website. The gateway was launched on 16th June 2020 to compensate in part for the cancellation of our Bloomsday Festival - conducted annually by staff and students here at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte in Brazil (UFRN) - due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It has now been expanded with the addition of a Rapid-Read edition of Ulysses [infra].
Portrait of Joyce by Jacques-Émile Blanche (1935)
Instructions: The contents of the James Joyce gateway are organised under at the hypertext buttons at the top of each page bearing the names of their respective categories: Life, Works, Criticism, Comm-entary, Reference, & Notes. In-text links connecting the reader to other names and shared details appear either on the same page or on those dedicated to one of the thousands of Irish writers treated in Ricorso. A cell-phone [portrait] version of this page is available here.
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The Rapid-Read Ulysses
Chapter by groups
Chaps. 1-3: Telemachus - Nestor - Proteus
.pdf / .doc Chaps. 11-14: Sirens - Cyclops - Nausicaa - Oxen of the Sun .pdf / .doc

Chaps. 4-6: Calypso - Lotuseaters - Hades

.pdf / .doc Chaps 15-18: Circe - Eumaeus - Ithaca - Penelope .pdf / .doc
Chaps. 7-10: Lestrygonians - Scylla & Charybdis - Wandering Rocks
.pdf / .doc Joyce’s best-known comments on Ulysses .pdf / .doc
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How to: Each PDF [file] above will load as content in the Ricorso site’s content frame and consists of three or four chapters of Ulysses in much-abbreviate form (i.e., longer extracts). When you have read or browsed any one of them, click the “Back” button on your browser to return this page and chose another. There are no “Next” buttons on the content page (i.e., each chapter of Ulysses). To read the text in Word format, click on .doc and chose a folder to download it. If you do not select a given folder it will be saved to your Download folder where you can read it or transfer it to another folder of your choice.
Alternately, the entire works of Joyce can be read on the RICORSO Library’s Classic Irish Texts page - via RICORSO > JAMES JOYCE > WORKS > Index - or else you can go directly to the first chapter (i.e., “Telemachus”) through this link. The Ulysses chapter-index and individual chapters can be viewed in a separate window through the following short-cuts: Index & Chapters. A cell-phone [portrait] version of this page is available here. [To read the preceding or the following chapter, click “previous” or “next” in the bottom line.]
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